scottyslovechild 18:06 20/Sep/11

Fair Go is on yet again in 2011. Get your shred on suckas! By the picturesque Richmond River its all happening on 8th Oct. For the kiddies we got 13+under, 16+under. Plus the open mens and womens. Now if you place 1st 2nd or 3rd you take a swag of prizes from the generous sponsors out there in skateland. Then we got the sponno park jam with the winner pocketing a tasty $1000 cash, with 2nd stashing $500 and 3rd getting $200 play money. Then there's teh bowl and rail jam with each having a cosy $1000 up for grabs - so get your shred boots on. Entry forms are available on Check out the footage of last years event. It's fully sick!!!!!!

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 18:22 29/Sep/11

Any requests for music?

I am getting the ipod track list ready again, and if nothing specific is asked for, it will be old school punk rock just like the regulars asked for from last time and all the times before that...

Just looking at that pic of Jesse, is he about a second away from slipping out of the frontside grind, eg back wheel on the platform, both feet coming off board, etc.

scottyslovechild 12:39 07/Oct/11

Well everyone - we are on again tomorrow. The weather scared us yesterday - but the sun is beaming in Ballina !!!!
All you queenslanders - don't forget about daylight savings, we'd hate you to be late!
And Brimmo - you are probs right on Jesse - I don't know that he made it!

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 22:35 08/Oct/11

Such an amazing day and I am sure all who made it there will agree it was well worth it.

Super happy about the weather holding off until we were all down the road at the pub before dumping a wet version of hell on Ballina too. Couldn't have been better timing.

Now if someone who has the full results list post it up cause I just cannot remember much of the details.

I know Pat Gemzik was ridiculous in everything he did on the park (First place in the pro with $1000) and Max absolutely killed it and I think got second ($500), but I am sure the rest will come back to me soon enough.

Off to bed before I pass out...

Yoshi... 19:56 09/Oct/11

Dawes took third

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 01:17 11/Oct/11

I am such a retard... (like you didn't already know anyway!)

All the results were still on my clipboard which was in my backpack all along.

1. Keanu Piena
2. Thor Turner
3. Joey Cormack

1. Louis Riley
2. Matthew Harris
3. Jorge Tichbon

1. Izy Mutu
2. Shanae Collins
3. Aimee Massie

1. Sam Fulwood
2. Dylan Monk
3. Cody Shepherd

1. Pat Gemzik
2. Max Schubert
3. Adam Dawes

drew 15:23 17/Oct/11


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