jedi'l b back for more

endor 06:50 26/Jan/13

jedi comgratulates the winners of the aus day comp. however the ymca stopped jediz fence jump after 2 bails. jedi landed and broke his board after 4 attempts in his youtube. so jedi figures he needs 4 to 6 or 7 shots to nail it althou hes stomped it 1st shot a couple of times. and they stopped mitch r and pat gemzik from fence jumping also. but jedi will b back for more. he's intending to hit up the gap again at moomba comp if there is one or the next comp at riverside. your all invited to come down and watch. as to lakyn - he's a full no show. lakyn where r u? where did u run off too? pat g was going to hit ur gap aswell lakyn u runner off r a. and insomniajosh,snapper and tim b - all bets r off until moomba or the next comp- if u guys r cool with that. 50 on if i land it. finaly- lakyn where r u, where have u run off too? there was a fair crowd too lakyn. the crowd noise would of been sick

Insomniajosh 07:18 26/Jan/13

Sounds like double or nothing!

Tim B.
Tim B. 09:00 26/Jan/13

Bloody YMCA, you got it next time for sure Jedi!

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 09:56 26/Jan/13

star trek is still better brah.

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme 11:23 26/Jan/13

'Jedi' really wants (needs?) this $50.

dean123 12:43 26/Jan/13

very disappointed in you jedi

endor 01:01 27/Jan/13

sory to disapoint u dean 123 - this time it was the ymca, not me- we'l see about next time thou. anyway despite the fact the ymca stopped jediz fence jump after only 2 bails and including the fact that mitch robertom won best trick on the funbox/raill/edge with a frontside flip over the big ledge all the way to the flat. jedi now believes that he and mitch r the equal most famous skaters in. lakyn singstar no show- you dib out on the most famous. however jedi believes to retain his title he must stomp his lightsaber fence jump in a big jam. and he believes that mitch- to retain his title- must either stomp his fence jump or place 1st again in a big jam. that is jediz opinion- and he respects that others may have their opinion. special props also to pat gemzik who was prepped to hit lakyns gap. and insomnia, tim b and snapper- ur on - next time double nothing - jedi will announce the date at a future time. and lakyn the singstar no show- you dib out- unless u want in on round 2( the offers there? ). thats right lakyn singstar no show- round 2 !

endor 01:09 27/Jan/13

and to b more specific jediz lightsaber jump over the fence can b described in 2 ways. like a shuvit tail grab but insted a 180 tail grab. or like christian hosois favorite move and highest air- 180 fs bs and grab the top of the board. xcept hosoi does it on vert and jedi hits the spacejam offa skim jump

endor 01:18 27/Jan/13

sory that 2nd last post had a typo. jedi believes he and mitch r the equal most famous skaters in melbourne.

endor 01:29 27/Jan/13

theres another typo i spotted. hit the spacejam offa ski jump (not a skim jump)

snapper 01:42 27/Jan/13

You owe me $50 dollars Jedi!!! that was the bet

endor 02:14 27/Jan/13

that was the last attempt the 2nd bail bfore the ymca stopped. it was nothing special. do u have the 1st attempt/bail- that should b a better shot. and no snapper - all bets off until next big jam. the ymca stopped me halfway throu the process. its not fair 4 u to claim the money yet..................yet

endor 04:19 27/Jan/13

jediz special words for the ymca. either let me hit the spacejam to the hole or let me go down like a man. dont say im not allowed. as long as the landing pad is clear of people then noone will b hurt except jedi. and jediz been hurt before jumping that fence so he doesnt give a damn ( torn ankle ligaments, twisted wrist and battered knees and injured heel ).

endor 04:40 27/Jan/13

also in light of the recent ruckus. jedi is calling to c if there r any more bets?

grim wood
grim wood 04:41 27/Jan/13

i believe in u jedi

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