Coolangatta Park Opening

Potty2617 15:52 06/May/13

Coolangatta Park Opening

drew 11:51 17/May/13


RE: Coolangatta Park Opening

TimFranklin4presiden 16:40 17/May/13

Looks grope-worthy

DeathMoth 15:21 18/May/13

fuck yeh that patch of dirt in the middle looks amazing. it'll be even better when all that dirt and shit is all over the park all the fuckin time

grimwood 20:03 18/May/13

Yeah park looks rad but what's the deal with the patch of dirt? They gonna plant some shrubs or some shit in there?

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 20:28 18/May/13

Don't know how close you look at those pics, but the park was far from complete, in terms of landscape, grass, etc and the fences were all still up.

I would imagine it will / would have been all grassed and filled before the opening.

Someone got new pics of today or anything?

comic book guy
comic book guy 22:41 18/May/13

It's all turfed. It's also infested with 6 year old kids sporting mullets riding scooters.

Vagabond 12:20 20/May/13

I skated it. Too small to have more than few people on it, criss cross lines everywhere. No refuge areas for anyone to stand i.e. no platforms on any of the hips or quarters = people standing in the way all over the park. The dirt/grassed area would have been the space you used to avoid people. Instead you have no room to pass anyone safely. I don't know what is going on with these new parks having grassed or rocked areas. The new shailer park "skatepark" is another example. Seriously there was 10 people on the park when I skated it, and it was too crowded to have a proper roll.

Vagabond 12:23 20/May/13

There were also a number of areas on the "track" where it wasn't wide enough to have two people pass safely. Combine that with a child who doesn't have much control of their scooter/ripstick/rollerblades/bike and you have to step off...

RE: Coolangatta Park Opening

krim 12:34 20/May/13

I heard this park blows. Bummer.

imgne_ 13:08 20/May/13

There's a fair bit of footage of this park in this clip I threw together the other day, should give you a decent idea on whats going on

imgne_ 13:09 20/May/13

P.S. sorry for the nudity at the end too

Vagabond 17:39 21/May/13

Epic ender mate! Ha ha!

The nice people at Cooly looked like they were standing on the grass as opposed to all over the "track" when I skated it.

raphabee 03:14 22/May/13

I heard that JK won the comp there...

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