Lota comp 2015 Baywave comp

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 14:32 22/May/15

The Lota "Baywave" event and skate comp is on again Saturday 30th May 2015.

Late notice, but here is the flyer and more info:

Lota comp 2015 Baywave comp

BNE 14:34 24/May/15

Love Lota but that place is a disgrace. Totally fucked and the Council won't do a thing to it due to the ground it was built on being so bad.

This was in last week's paper -

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 14:54 28/May/15

I guess I only go there once a year, which is to run this comp, so I don't know how the surface is much, other than maybe getting a quick roll in before the comp starts.

It would seem that BCC committed to things like Inala and Paddo upgrades which then leaves this place out in the cold is not really fair - both of those are not "dangerous" with crack(s)...

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