Smoke Beer BBQ

Potty2617 21:58 08/Jul/15

To celebrate the new skateboard brand Smoke Beer Skateboards we have decided to get together for a BBQ at Newport skatepark.
There will be "refreshments", snags and a raffle that you can enter; with prizes including Smoke Beer decks and Independent products.

Outside of the raffle there will be an Instagram competition for the best video/picture with the links #smokebeerskateboards @smokebeerskateboards
Winner gets a free board, stickers, a repost and bragging rights.

If you have no luck in the raffle or Instagram comp there will be boards for sale during the day.

So get yourself down to Newport for a good old fashion BBQ and skate sesh.


Smoke Beer BBQ

Potty2617 21:58 08/Jul/15

RE: Smoke Beer BBQ

Potty2617 22:02 08/Jul/15

Sorry this Saturday 1pm

krim 08:51 09/Jul/15

I love everything Andy Murphy draws...

vijiz 10:01 09/Jul/15

Very nice!

Nello 12:31 09/Jul/15

We decided to postpone the event to the next Saturday 18th of July because the very high high chance of rain. We hope to see you there! Cheers

Nello 09:43 15/Jul/15

As announced last week the event will be on this Saturday 18th of July.

Here the first 3 prizes which are going to be in the raffle:

1 smoke beer board + 1 set of indy titanium + 1 indy t-shirt
1 smoke beer board + 1 set of indy silver
1 smoke beer board + 1 indy t-shirt

There will be some more available in the draw.

Also we decided to have 2 best tricks.

One on the deep-end of the bowl and one in the curved ledge.

Both winners will take home 1 smoke beer board.

Remember about the Instagram comp:

Take pictures/videos during the event.
Post them on Instagram with the tags @smokebeerskateboards and #smokebeerskateboards

The day after, our favourite will be reposted and will receive 1 smoke beer board.

The weather will be good.
Come down for a good day of skateboarding and a few snags.

We hope to see you there!

RE: Smoke Beer BBQ

Nello 15:13 16/Jul/15

The Smoke Beer BBQ launch party kicks off at Newport Skatepark tomorrow at 1pm. Come down, grab a snag and enter the best trick contest on these 2 obstacles. Winners take home a fresh off the boat board! Get shredding!

RE: Smoke Beer BBQ

Nello 15:01 18/Jul/15

Thanks heaps to everyone who came down to celebrate with us yesterday! A videoclip and pictures of the event are coming out shortly. It was an amazing day! Thanks again! Smoke Beer

Nello 12:15 26/Jul/15

The report of the Smoke Beer Skateboards launch party is out, thanks to everyone for coming!

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