Park turned into Jail

Potty2617 18:57 24/Jul/15

The council turned their park into a jail exercise hard with fences and barbed wire, help them out if you can.

This page has been set up to help raise some legal fees for a "Fighting Fund" to fight our shire council after they put an 8ft barbwired fence around our lovely skate park.

After fighting with council for 20 years to get a well needed skate park facility built in Nambucca Heads we finally got one! The skaters took great ownership of the skatepark keeping the place clean of rubish & trouble free by consultation with local youth services, Police and members of the community. We had a number of community based skate comps at the park with everyone involved from todlers to 90yr old granparents in wheelchairs, local people running the market stalls, local musicians and so on which was great for the town and for local business/tourism. Unfortunately this fence has ruined our chances of doing such wondeful events anymore. The main reason for the fence is that there where two residents of age that where compaining that the skaters where undergoing bad behaviour and drug use. The thing is that there is always these issues in small communities like Nambucca, it's not the skaters fault, They did the right thing by taking control of the skate park. Its discrimination against the skaters and not only that but its now a community issue as the fence cost the local tax payers $10,000 ($5,000 to each of the residents) plus $10,000 per year for someone to open and close the skate jail everyday. We are now in the process of trying to get the fence removed and are asking the council to release the documents regarding the skate park issues so we can fight them in court over the rediculious decision to put up the fence, Unfortunately this involves fees that we have to pay council before they will release the documents, If you love your community and feel for our current situation any donations would be much appreciated. DOWN WITH THE FENCE!!

Please note : If we have any funds left over from this fund raiser we will put it into a massive event once the fence comes down for all our community to benifit from as it was before all this happened.

Yours Sincearly.

Toby Frost.

(Valley Skaters association)

Park turned into Jail

fergo 19:22 24/Jul/15

Thats heavy! Maybe if the local coppers actually did their job.....

Id love to see the fence coming down party....Im imagining the best local commodore chained from tow ball to fence and an awesome burnout until the fence gets dragged across the footy field... (In all seriousness keep up the fight...thats fucked!)

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