King Of Concrete Noble Park

rento$ 13:20 18/Dec/15

On the 30th of January we will have the King of Concrete at Noble Park. We have Open, 16 and under and Girls, with $1000 prize money for open, and rad products from Sony, Indy and TSG for the other divisions.

The Top two skaters in the Open division at King Of Concrete Noble Park will qualify for the pro contest at Bondi. The top ten Junior (16 and under) skaters at King Of Concrete Noble Park Will qualify for the new juniors competition at Bondi Bowlarama 2016.

King Of Concrete Noble Park

Potty2617 20:14 28/Jan/16

This Saturday

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Milo Kerrigan
Milo Kerrigan 10:37 29/Jan/16

If the comp at Noble Park is the Qualifier for Bondi, then why is there on masters division ?

Milo Kerrigan
Milo Kerrigan 10:38 29/Jan/16

No Masters Division *

nav... 14:24 29/Jan/16

Probably because any masters know how to get an invite to Bondi already

swit 18:03 29/Jan/16

what times?

neeburn 19:24 01/Feb/16

King Of Concrete
Noble Park Skatepark
Final Results

1. Cory Juneau (USA) $500
2. R.J Barbaro (VIC Champion) $300 *
3. Matt Kitai (NSW) $200 *
4. Jackson Bogaerts (NSW)
5. George Richards (NSW)
6. Bowman Hansen (NZ)
7. Sammy Hewson (VIC)
8. Katsumi Hirabayashi (JAPAN)
9. Carlo Cassan (ITALY)
10. Brody Jarret (NSW)
11. Barde Oliver (VIC)
12. Daniel Kirk (VIC)

*Earnt Wildcard into Bondi Bowlarama

1. Sari Simpson (NSW)
2. Ava Godfrey (VIC CHAMP)
3. Hayley Wilson (VIC)
4. Aya (JAPAN)
5. Charlotte Heath (VIC)
6. Amelia Hitchcock (VIC)
7. Gracie Earl (NSW)

16 and Under
1. Jedd McKenzie (NSW)*
2. Zane Hedley (NSW)*
3. Billy Abrahams (VIC Champ)*
4. Ethan Copeland (ACT)*
5. Hugo Illencik (NSW)*
6. Ryan Helm (NSW)*
7. Zepp Heyes (VIC)*
8. Dylan Donnini (NSW)*
9. Zac Callahan (VIC)*
10. Jake Pucar (VIC)*
11. Bryce McKean (NSW)
12. Kobe Higgins (NSW)
13. Lachie Cranstoun (VIC)
14. Max Wrangles (VIC)
15. Bailey Jackson (VIC)
16. Karlin OHalloran (NSW)
17. Danny Mason (TAS)
18. Max Owens (NSW)
19. Ben Hennessy (NSW)
20. Kai Lawton (VIC)
21. Jake Keegan (NSW)
22. Nate Axford (VIC)
23. Leon Matthews (VIC)
24. Angus Owens (NSW)
25. Zane Whitehead (VIC)
26. Julian Lawton (VIC)
27. Heath Wrangles (VIC)
28. Jackson Donnini (NSW)

*Earnt Wildcard into Bondi Bowlarama

neeburn 19:33 01/Feb/16

Thanks to Renton, and his Judges (John Bogarts, Jamie Kennedy, and Tom) for utting on a great Championship event.
Thanks to the volunteers and the MOSS team, for the drinks and general help.
Thanks to Sponsors, Sony, Fast Times, Independent, and City of Dandenong.
Thanks to the parents who put in the effort to support their kids (and for getting most of them their 1st skatey!)
Thanks to the Photographers who bring it to to us who could not be there
Thanks to all of skaters, some of who travelled great distances, to step it up and skate like demons!

That was a great day!

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neeburn 19:36 01/Feb/16

Check out facebook for more great pics!

Billy Abrahams...Vic U16 Champ!

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Potty2617 19:16 02/Feb/16

Another clip this one filmed and edited by Cody Cadogan.

neeburn 18:36 09/Feb/16

RE: King Of Concrete Noble Park

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