Bowlzilla 2017

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BOWLZILLA Gold Coast is building on last year’s success to ensure that the future for Australian skating is fun and owned by skaters. Making fun times for everyone to celebrate all that makes skateboarding great with art, music and the competition. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast has long term plans to grow every year to increase the fun potential for Australian skating by using a competition as the excuse to gather the widest range of generations of skaters for good times and great skating. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast invites all the skaters to come and be part and have a say in how they want their fun. City of Gold Coast Councillor Daphne McDonald is proudly supporting the BOWLZILLA Gold Coast events which is running concurrently beside other great events on the Gold Coast. It all starts with the Tic Taco skate art exhibition at Beach Burrito Company Coolangatta on Thursday 16th March, Friday 17th the famous Gold Coast hospitality will be shared with all our well-travelled friends with a barbecue and good times, the competition itself is at Elanora skatepark on Saturday 18th March and Dive In; the official BOWLZILLA Gold Coast after party is on that night to wrap of the festivities. Yeah Girl will be helping curate and stoke everyone. Park and transition skating is being talked about as the fastest growing discipline in skating globally. This is because of how fun it is and the proliferation of so many new and amazing skateparks around the world. The flow and speed of it is awesome to watch and in our opinion definitely the funnest thing on four wheels to do. Its uniqueness has shaped skateboarding since the 70s with that initial shockwave of the Dog Town and Z Boys. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast takes the freeform approach of our forefathers to build a platform that is less about the strict structure of competition and more about the opportunity of gathering all our friends from far and wide and encouraging their weird and amazing approaches. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast is working to develop gatherings that use championship gatherings to get everyone together to share and skate and grow and enjoy skating. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast's top riders will be promoted globally through the BOWLZILLA media platform of social media and television to ensure they are internationally celebrated. With the TV show being distributed by IMG to over 640,000,000 homes, it is a great way for the world to see how talented our friends are and why they are worth supporting with great events, skateparks and sponsorship. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast is growing each year with increased benefit for the locals and all divisions will expand with the world’s top talent while encouraging and benefiting Australia’s best. “Gold Coast City Council have proven themselves to be the greatest supporters of skating in Australia by providing the most skateparks per capita in the nation and encouraging the growth of the industry and lifestyle. We could not be in a better place to grow Australian skateboarding. The future is brighter because of them and we’re glad to be a part of it”. Chad Ford; BOWLZILLA director. CR McDonald said; “We have worked hard to support the growth of the exciting and healthy activity of skateboarding on the Gold Coast and it was fantastic that the Pines Skate bowl at Elanora, the first open full pipe in Australia, was chosen to hold the first BOWLZILLA Gold Coast event. There are increasing opportunities for skateboarding and the Gold Coast is poised to be the hub of it all, especially with skateboarding now recognised as an official Olympic Games sport for Tokyo 2020”. Supported by Gold Coast City Council. Sponsored by: Beach Burrito Company, Goliath, Protec, Fiik, Yeah Girl, Gold Coast Skateboard Coaching, International Skateboarder’s Union

Bowlzilla 2017

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#bowlzillagoldcoast is on tomorrow and we will be streaming it live from 12pm Queensland time. You can go to to find the link. The weather is crazy but we will be there all day, so will be getting the skating done.
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#bowlzillagoldcoast is a wrap. This is your Masters results for 2017
1st Nick Hepenstall
2nd Trevor Ward
3rd Chris Enright
4th Iain Watt
5th Robert Brasher
6th Justin Les light
7th Leigh McKenzie
8th Simon Bate
9th Nic Couscouris

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#bowlzillagoldcoast Women's placings for 2017

1st Taniah Meyers
2nd Aimee Massie
3rd Izy Mutu
4th Tenille Licari
5th Haylie Powell
6th Indiana Barnard
7th Tora Waldren

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#bowlzillagoldcoast 2017 16 & Under placings:

1st Louis Newman
2nd Bruce McKean
3rd Sam Windhorst
4th Karlin O"Halloran
5th Riley McComb
6th Elijah Devlin
7th Oscars Southerden
8th Ash Wilcomes
9th Jack Lewis
10th Kayden Bate
11th Ezekiel Joel Munro
12th Koby Roberts
13th Logan Kennedy
14th Cooper Graham
15th Karlin O'Halloran
16th Elijah Devlin

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#bowlzillagoldcoast Open placings for 2017

1st Jesse Noonan
2nd Matt Kitai
3rd Willy Lara
4th George Richards
5th John Boyd
6th Sam Renwick
7th Kobe Graf
8th Quaid Munson
9th Nathan Trew
10th Cody Wilson
11th Ethan Mannix
12th Steve McIver
13th Nick Southerden
14th Christian McEwen
15th Izak Reeves
16th Jordan Burling
17th Michael Mitchell
18th John Dickinson

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Another clip from the day

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And another

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