Vans Park Series Hastings

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Vancouver, CANADA (June 27, 2017)  Vans Park Series (VPS) embarks on the fourth stop of the 2017 Mens Pro Tour on July 7-8 to showcase world-class park terrain skateboarding action at the legendary Hastings Skatepark in Vancouver, Canada. With only two major global qualifier events left in the season, VPS Challengers will seize the opportunity to better their global rankings, as they compete against the VPS Select Pros in the lead up to park terrain skateboardings official VPS World Championships in Shanghai, China on September 23.

The 2017 VPS Mens Pro Tour semis and finals in Canada will be broadcast live on Saturday, July 8 featuring VPS Select Pros such as Pedro Barros, Curren Caples, Grant Taylor and current World Champion Alex Sorgente as they battle it out against top qualifying Mens Pro Tour challengers Tom Schaar, Willy Lara, Murilo Peres and many more at Vancouvers beloved Hastings Skatepark. Also joining the gauntlet are confirmed regional Wildcards Adam Hopkins and Riley Boland, who are true hometown heroes in their own right. To see the full list of VPS Select Pros, Challengers, Tour Wildcards, visit

As an early experiment in transitional park terrain design from the second great wave of North American skatepark construction, Hastings Skatepark remains one of the most demanding skateboarding courses in the world, even exceeding todays park terrain course criteria in some areas. Returning for the second year in a row, the skaters of Vans Park Series Mens Pro Tour cherish the Hastings Skatepark course for its remarkable potential to produce fast, aggressive and colossal runs.

Vans Park Series Hastings

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Vancouver, CANADA (July 7, 2017) – The Vans Park Series Men’s Pro Tour Canada Global Qualifier kicked off in sunny Vancouver today as the world’s most talented park terrain skateboarders took on the legendary Hasting skatepark. 17-year-old Karl Berglind led the qualifiers round demonstrating raw style and consistency to earn an 88.64-point best run score. Top performances also spotlighted Tour Challenger Tristan Rennie, 3rd, who dominated the park terrain course with creative lines and technical tricks. Vancouver-based wildcard Adam Hopkins, 8th, also earned himself an honorable mention and a spot in the semi-finals. The top 11 Challengers from the qualifiers round will now advance to the semi-finals, joining the nine confirmed VPS Select Pros for the final heats of competition tomorrow, July 8th.

VPS Canada Global Qualifier – Challengers Advancing to Semi-Finals

1. Karl Berglind

2. Tristan Rennie

3. Robin Bolian

4. Tom Schaar

5. Keegan Palmer

6. Trey Wood

7. Willy Lara

8. Adam Hopkins

9. Patrick Ryan

10. Josh Borden

11. Murilo Peres

VPS Select Pros – Pre-seeded to Semi-Finals

Alex Sorgente

Pedro Barros

Ivan Federico

Cory Juneau

Kevin Kowalski

Jack Fardell

Curren Caples

Chris Russell

Ronnie Sandoval

Vans Park Series Vancouver Schedule

Saturday, July 8

VPS Men’s Pro Tour Men’s Semi-Finals + Finals

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