Save Glebe Mini

Potty2617 08:51 14/Feb/18

Full details at the link

To Sydney City Council and Leichhardt Council,

I want the glebe mini ramp in Jubilee park to stay, and do not want any council to pay hard-earned taxpayer dollars to get rid of such a quality facility. It is, almost certainly, the best designed and constructed metal mini ramp in the entire City of Sydney area.

I am someone who either uses it (when I am in the area), or enjoys watching skateboarding there, or support the skateboarding community to have such a quality facility available.

If it was desired for Glebe mini ramp to be moved (but not removed!), then the following could be suitable possibilities:

it should be incorporated in or around design of The Crescent Skate Space (link : )
It is important that it remains surrounded by grass or similar soft material as a basic safety consideration
If expenditure was made to move it, some ideas which would make it even better include:

It would be great if it was widened (eg, to two or three times the width)
It would be great if it was near amenities (eg, bubbler), was under flood lights (for evening usage), and/or under shelter (so usable during rain)
Thanks so much for your consideration,

The community!

Save Glebe Mini

swit 07:40 15/Feb/18

not sure you have the correct link up bud.

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