To the Hills

Potty2617 09:27 07/Feb/19

Totem is primarily a skate event company, with 9 years experience running demos, comps, skate-coaching and all sorts of skate related community stuff. But once or twice a year, when the feet get itchy and the bellies start to grumble, Nige puts down the tools to run a good old-fashioned skate trip with friends and allies of the company. To The Hills was one of these  just a chance to get the VX out, head to some regional towns, skate some lesser-known spots and stack up some photos and footage.

The mob consisted of Nige and his twin brother Dave Cameron, Nixen Osborne, Levi Jarvis, Chris Vaughan, Riwaz Kazi, Aidan Ouma, Ryder Lawson, Nik Stipanovic, Cameron Markin, George Kousoulis, Wade Mclaughlin and Nat Kassel.

Joel Cameron, the creative talent behind West Objects Workshop did the animations and visual effects that accompany the footage. Joel also put the soundtrack together from scratch with his solo project Wow! Plants.


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