The Secret CBR Tapes

Potty2617 19:30 05/Sep/23

Saturday the 25th of November we’re going to host a skate film event!!

You have until Friday the 24th of November to enter your video.

- each video must be 3 minutes or less.
- each video must contain only CANBERRA SPOTS.
- each video can be either a ‘Part’ for an individual person, or a Montage ‘Homies’ video.
- each video will be played one after the other on the night of Saturday the 25th of November.
- the viewers will vote for their favourite video.
- the top 3 videos chosen by the viewers will be awarded prizes.

Let’s get everyone together! Let’s do this for the community! Let’s do this for the Canberra Skate Scene!

Your videos can be VX or HD.

If you’re not a filmer you’re still welcome to come on the night and vote for the videos played and be a part of it all.

The Secret CBR Tapes

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