Phillip Island (Cowes Park)

Lou-Bee 22:26 27/Mar/06

Possibly one of the worst around , council are so messed they made the locals build it .. , the quater bowl (if that)is built up on old washing machines and shi.t , Just interested to hear how many people have actualy came down for a roll .. and why waste such time ? ha.

ChiefBEN 14:09 28/Mar/06


Damo__ 21:37 29/Mar/06

I'm pretty over all the complaining about how bad it is, i dont think it will ever change.
Come back for once and you'll come to love it like i have!

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 08:26 30/Mar/06

Skated it once, was fun for a tiny bit, then it would suck.

liam mcaree 09:21 30/Mar/06

i used to go there with my family for holidays like agggggges ago, it was a fun park from memory

ChiefBEN 20:24 30/Mar/06

i always seem to have fun when i go, kinda gets repedetive but dont all parks...

Nivo 22:02 30/Mar/06

ill always love it

dskize 20:18 11/Apr/06

I have skated worse parks

gay    fag
gay fag 13:23 12/Apr/06

wonthaggi park is much worse than PI, but all in all, fuck yas

Ville 16:36 12/Apr/06

What?Woni worst than P.I,theres no way thats possible!

HURR :B 15:15 14/Apr/06

They where trying to make an australian burnside..duh.

Damo__ 21:01 17/Apr/06

gay fag

13:23 12/Apr

wonthaggi park is much worse than PI


DRIFTz0R 23:57 17/Apr/06

i reakon the gladstonepark/tullamarine park is worse.

ChiefBEN 12:18 18/Apr/06

i think i would rather philly than greensy...

newse 21:33 18/Apr/06

skateparks are what you make of them, and hence i have always had fun at p.i

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