new horsham skatepark

stoopidmoneky 11:43 07/Jan/08

the final design has finally been decided for the new skatepark at horsham in northwest vic. some of you may know the dreaded bowl there now...well it is a sure step up from that. its has taken 5 years to get to here and stage 1 is scheduled for completion by mid 08.

new horsham skatepark

SYLVA! 11:56 07/Jan/08

that looks really fun

Surfer Sam 13:34 07/Jan/08

very nice

i wear moccos 13:41 07/Jan/08

what the hell is a 'bowl refuge area'? hahahhah

looks good.
where the hell is horsham?

toa 23:07 07/Jan/08

fuck yeh, i spend my holidays in Murtoa so this will finaly give me something to do.

SYLVA! 00:07 08/Jan/08

i wear moccos

13:41 07/Jan
what the hell is a 'bowl refuge area'? hahahhah

were yu chill lad

~Joel~ 02:36 08/Jan/08

Why the fuck do all the pathetic pieces of crap towns which are in the middle of fucking nowhere get the good parks!?

stoopidmoneky 11:01 08/Jan/08

horsham is about 3 hours north-west of melbourne on the western highway

Fletch 12:16 08/Jan/08

I guess towns in the middle of nowhere have kids who wanna skate as well as cities

Simon Lewis 22:01 09/Jan/08

looks similar to frankston in some ways.
the 3 flat 3 with rail.
2 stair with manny pad and ledge.
looks sweet though

Dal ├ęS. 15:56 11/Jan/08

thats like semi frankston + seaford park mixed together haha

James R 22:09 11/Jan/08

fuck yes finally a decent park an hour drive from me

LEIGH! 15:50 27/Apr/08

any thing started yet?

king kai 19:00 27/Apr/08

looks like fun

hype 19:36 27/Apr/08

looks soo fresh

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