Fawkner stage 2. Parkour?

Insomniajosh 11:41 15/Mar/12


Just got off the phone with Moreland council. Apparently they have had several "consultations" in regards to Fawkner stage 2. Unfortunately "consultations" can be rocking up the park and speaking with a group of 10 year old scooterers or chatting to 5 mums at the local shops.

None of the original consultation group I know have recieved any emails and I certainly haven't. I spoke to Convic last week and they hadn't either. Pretty poor effort!

Apparently the decision has been made to cater to the booming aggressive street dance craze parkour. Money has been allocated and plans drafted for parkour obstacles with soft floor surrounds. Yay for that.

I have expressed my dissapointment and been assured we can have a final last meeting to have our say. Council is getting back to me for a time next week.

We really need to attend on mass with constructive and well formed ideas. Please find attached site overview courtesy of Matt Grant. I suggest a path that meets in a Y shape and is a simple plaza path as there is not much cash and we want the best chance of getting this over the line. You know the famous banked path spot with the tree people ollie over at the start that ends in a tranny to ledge??? I'll try and find footy tonight. Think like that. Please get drawing and post ideas here so we can have a clear direction for the meeting.

Fawkner stage 2. Parkour?

Insomniajosh 11:46 15/Mar/12

If the Y met with 3 kickers could that be fun? Could scooters, BMX, blades ect use them? Could you do an epic parkour tumble on them if you had a yoga mat? It is very important we don't be seen to bag other "diciplines" but show how limited in use for everyone soft floor balance beams are.

RE: Fawkner stage 2. Parkour?

Insomniajosh 11:47 15/Mar/12

We need numbers and a solid, well formed idea. Email me if you want a PDF of the overview

Insomniajosh 10:12 16/Mar/12

Wow 24 hours and no response! I have been asked to provide one PDF.

Melbourne you are lame indeed!

Should have made a thread about leaving tags on hats or something....

nav... 13:08 16/Mar/12

The style of obstacle in that photo you've posted would be awesome... Some kind of pyramid setup would be good.

Fawkner is a rad quirky park, it'd be ashame to see it ruined even more with a "dance" area.

Some quirky blocks would be fun... maybe something along the lines of those circular manual pads that people skate and can gap between.

A block setup similar to the northcote townhall spot, but with steep angled sides for wallies? etc

I'll post more if I think of anything.

Insomniajosh 14:40 19/Mar/12

Nice one Nav. You attended all the meetings and it is a shame you have not had a chance to have your say about stage 2.

Recieved a call from a Moreland youth worker that headed up the "conciltations". I expressed my disapointment that no one that attended the original meetings were emailed in relation to the consultations even though they made their details available.

I let him know the poor consultation process has lead to a very lame outcome. I let him know that parkour participation is virtually non existant and that he has done the ratepayers, residents and locals a real injustice by limiting the facility for such a small group.

I have requested again a last ditch attempt for a consultation to try and have the park design saved from a limited and poor outcome.

I will let you know how it goes.

Tim B.
Tim B. 17:08 23/Mar/12

That's fucking shit man. No one checks the parks threads that's why, i consider myself a pretty avid lurker and this is the first time i've been here for probs six months, let us know if you need people at a meeting Josh

Insomniajosh 17:40 23/Mar/12

Cheers man. I have had emails back and forth, they are saying the plans are done and I am saying no one was contacted from the locals/original consultation group and it has led to a really poor outcome. They have said they will get back to me about a final meeting and the more people there with good opinions the better.

There are already issues with lurkers, the last thing we need is more lurk space for a non existant user group.

Insomniajosh 10:10 27/Mar/12

Not looking good. It appears they have made their decisions and are not willing to even have a last attempt meeting with the original consultation group, even though no one was contacted and they had everyone's details. Read emails from the bottom up to see the responses. I have not recieved a response from my last email.

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

It is very disappointing that the original consultation group was not contacted, even though they provided their contact details.

I don't see how a wider range of participants has been consulted when there has been no advertised consultation meeting. Experienced, considered opinion from all disciplines of park users is great, asking a few people down the park one day is not.

As a user of the park and a Moreland ratepayer I am very disappointed in the process. If a parkour area is to be implemented then it is a very poor outcome. Have you researched participation figures? They are tiny, it does not do Moreland ratepayers justice.

There are already anti social issues from non active skatepark participants at fawkner. If you create this parkour area it will be hardly used and create a problem with people there not to actively participate, just lurk about.

Short timelines are no excuse for poor consultation. This is public money and it would be such a missed opportunity to not have a proper consultation to modify draft plans for a wider range of uses.

An urgent meeting is sought, on behalf of the passionate users of the facility.



Hi Joshua – as indicated on the phone last week CB Smith Reserve redevelopment will continue as timeframes allow, due to other open space projects we are currently constructing.

As discussed we have completed the intended consultation on the scope of activities to be provided at the Reserve, and may consult others as relevant when we progress the detailed design work.

As you are aware this redevelopment is going to provide for a number of youth activities in the public area, including some enhancement of the existing skate facility which Council constructed last year. The consultation needs to reflect the elements which are going to be provided, therefore a wider range of participants has been sought than previously.

Thanks for your continued interest, if there is an opportunity to consult further with you we will let you know as previously advised,


Just following up, any luck with a meeting this week?


Insomniajosh 10:07 12/Sep/12

As an FYI the Parkour "dance area" that was going to be stage 2 of Fawkner has been moved to another site as Alli at Moreland is a legend.

Stage 2 is going ahead, consultations will start shortly.

HAL 09:31 21/Sep/12

So glad the parkour thing didn't go ahead.
Any news for stage 2?

Insomniajosh 10:44 21/Sep/12

Not as yet. I am sure we will get contatcted shortly. I am due to touch base so I will do so and get back to you

Insomniajosh 22:00 15/Jan/13

I love getting an email from my local council letting me know they are spending ratepayers money on a new park.

Stage 2 needs to be build, finished, done by June 30 this year. 90k has been approved. My 2 cents is still a banked snake run plaza. I'll dig up my sketches, get posting ideas!

I have noticed tender has gone out for Glenroy too. Alli at Moreland is the best advocate for us

EAZY E 20:16 24/Jan/13

Shit news re Glenroy :(

Insomniajosh 20:55 24/Jan/13

What is the shit news re Glenroy?

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