Wavell Bowl Upgrade.. Brisbane

swit 21:16 16/Jul/13

anybody know how this got off the ground? a grand plan?

grimmi 08:20 25/Jul/13

Im interested to hear about this as well..
going by how it looks at the moment its going to be an amazing little park!

Shep 08:49 25/Jul/13

I gots plans...

swit 23:18 28/Jul/13

can you post them please shep.
I drove past last week and yes it does look like its going to be pretty fun.

I would love to get a little upgrade at a nearby park (melrose/wooloowin)

comic book guy
comic book guy 11:48 29/Jul/13

Got and pics Swit?

MR PLOW 08:39 04/Aug/13

swit 18:01 04/Aug/13

looks amazing! !!!

comic book guy
comic book guy 18:57 04/Aug/13

Well, I know what I'm doing next weekend.

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 06:34 06/Aug/13

That looks amazing!!!!

Why couldn't we have had something simple like that at Shailer Park???

swit 23:06 06/Aug/13

awesome park to skate, going to be some all time collisions go down.

The nipple is great as is everything else.

Insomniajosh 17:13 07/Aug/13

This kind of thing (extensions/upgrades of existing parks about 5-10 years old) will be something to actively lobby for.

Document design flaws, "hazards" (cracks, holes, leaks) and deterioration. Document numbers of people there. Find a sympathetic ear at council and start the ball rolling.

Park looks cool

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