Tugun Upgrade Consultation

Potty2617 13:55 27/Feb/14

Tugun Upgrade Consultation

crotch 17:37 27/Feb/14

I'm thinking Northcote skatepark could do with one of these upgrades. Such a great idea, the Box Hill one looks amazing.

nav... 21:55 27/Feb/14

Northcote could do with be levelled to the ground and replaced.

I don't think I've come across another boring, back and forth park with so many issues.

Another park that could benefit from an upgrade would be Clifton Hill, bit more flat, some hips and tight trannies and banks and it would be amazing.

Insomniajosh 09:36 28/Feb/14

Coburg too.

Insomniajosh 09:38 28/Feb/14

.....Clifton hill is on the cards

crotch 19:55 01/Mar/14

I agree with Northcote and Coburg. Coburg I can forgive somewhat but Northcote is the single worst piece of shit I've ever skated. The bowl with some tweaking could be awesome but the street course is awful. A Cliffy upgrade would be amazing though!

Insomniajosh 22:20 01/Mar/14

The good thing is Clifton doesn't need much. I couple of banks and quarters at each end, couple of euro bits on the bigger stairs and it's a completely different park

crotch 13:04 03/Mar/14

Absolutely! Just some small trannies to make it flow would make it a million times better.

nav... 15:43 03/Mar/14

A hip wouldn't go amiss either at Clifton.

What stage is it at Josh?

Potty2617 20:43 05/Apr/14

from Daggers

Hi guys, the next consultation meeting will be at the skatepark this Monday at 4pm. We will run through the concept design in more detail, but in the meantime, check it out and have a think about what you like and what you might like to change...

We are planning to fix cracks, etc and grind the surface of the existing park as part of the works. We haven't looked at doing any changes to the existing park except for the connection bank up the end so we can maximize the money spent on a new build.

We are hoping to get feedback at the consultation to see if this is the preferred way to go and are mindful that any additions to the existing park will need to use funds from the new section (making it smaller).

Looking forward to your comments!

RE: Tugun Upgrade Consultation

The Kid.
The Kid. 22:58 08/Apr/14

Please don't put any of those stupid tight old people banks at Clifton Hill, she's fine the way she is. There's like 50 new parks designed by old people with old people banks, I like Clifton's total disregard for transition of any sort.

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