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Potty2617 06:12 10/Jun/16

From the SDS Youtube account.

Tugun was buzzing, the planes flew overhead as Jack reached for the sky. The park was alive, and when it was finally through, Jack Fardell left an imprint on a long-loved gang of fans as he gave the Coast the opportunity to roll by his side.

Sunday the 30th of May Tugun and Underwood skateparks revelled in raw talent as groms rolled with Jack Fardell. Among his entourage, Kobe Graf joined the ride, making the day a rad session of tricks, grinds, and sketchy lines, all as a post-show performance following the release of the Adidas film Away Days.

We began at Tugun Skatepark with an eager crew. Jack and Kobe anticipated a crowded ride though Tugun was a new kind of dodgem. With the SDS Kombi delivering the goods, Jack drew killer lines, taking flight to show off for the gang of groms. The turnout was solid, with giveaways and signed posters adding to the day’s epicness.

As made infamous in Away Days, Jack improvised with the moulds of the parks and the tides of the crowds. Moving up the Coast to Underwood, we found gravity deniable as Jack unleashed a demonstration of new heights. Carting along the entire day, our crew of photographers and staff witnessed and captured Jack’s unique approach. After moving to the States to concrete his career, Jack returned with a display worth watching. Comfortably the best street skater in Oz, Jack invested in what he believed in with deck and attitude, inspiring a nation of kids to follow what they believed in.

The Film, Away Days, is a combination of speed and creativity, a journey of worldly discoveries, and an action packed ride eclipsed with mates, family, and good times. Like we learned on Sunday, Fardell and co. are more than a band of skaters, but a group of lads working their art over concrete fields.

No Comply
No Comply 13:21 12/Jun/16

Best street skater in Australia?? Fukin shreds , maybe street aint his shining though!

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 13:06 16/Jun/16

^^ Waiting for someone to say something about Dennis Durrant, or countless others too.

Shane O not considered Aussie anymore? Or he doesn't skate street, he skates park comps?

Gotta smile when someone who maybe doesn't skate comes up with some words that would make the average skater cringe or start to want to make fun of the info.

Any which way, the main thing is Jack still kills it on ALL terrain. Hope they don't forget that in their future SDS blurbs.

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