DTLA 2 Pooncarie

Potty2617 09:38 28/Feb/18


Come and join us as we follow Extreme Man, Fedora Boy, Canadian Club Guy, Marlboro Man and That Guy on an epic adventure from down town Los Angeles to Pooncarie, via Broken Hill and Canberra, with short stop overs in Lancefield, Mildura, Menindee, Young and Holbrook. Big thanks to Josh at the Pooncarie Pub, Geoff at the Post Office, The guy in Broken Hill, The Palace, The Mulga, The Palmer Family in Canberra, Floydos, Andrew Currie, Bundy & Rum, Carp, Dads Land Cruiser, Murray Darling Basin, The Cats in the Cradle, and the Silver Spoon, The Young Hotel, The poor cunt who lost a 30 block of great northers, The Emu for directions to DTLA, Rhys Grogan for his rendition of Cats in The Cradle.

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