Red Bull Drop-In Tour

Potty2617 09:01 24/Dec/23

Late October 2023's Red Bull Drop-In Tour of Australia saw our gang host four roadblocked skate demo’s on an 8-day skate spree along the country’s east coast.

One of our most ambitious skate tours to date saw Torey Pudwill, TJ Rogers, Zion Wright, Gustavo Ribeiro, Felipe Gustavo, Alex Sorgente, Leticia Bufoni, Jamie Foy and Jake Wooten rock jam-packed sessions at the very different skateparks of Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney respectively.

With every hour between demo’s devoted to filming street footage at as many spots as we could hit up along the way, this is our full behind-the-scenes tour documentary charting our wild week down under.

Enjoy our behind-the-scenes documentary from the tour; all that remains is for us to thank Hemley, Parliament, Precinct and Laate Supply skateshops for their hospitality, and all the skaters who came out to join us along the way.

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