Interview: Morgan Campbell
(Photos by Gourlay, except the feebs, thats by Leo Sharp)


24 / 09 /74


premium wood, boost, juice clothing, modus bearings, type s urethane, momentum skate shop

Where did you grow up skating?

South of perth's Swan River. In the schools and streets of Melville / Willagee and in and around Fremantle. Woolstores is the best ledge in the country and it is in Freo.

How is Liquid Pixel going?

LP is doing well, I am currently focusing on my skating, but have some plans to make the next one different again. Some kind of a travel vibe. Still finalizing it all.

Morgan, do you trash your GWC hotel room??? (Libertine)

Last hotel room i trashed was in Prague 2000. And I don't ride for Globe anymore.

Do you love smart ass questions from random internet nerds? if not, why? (braddox)

Of course... bring em on.

Morgan, is there a country that you wouldnt consider travelling to? (andrew*)

My hospital bill outstanding in Switzerland makes me consider not going there again.

Of all of the countries you've visited which has the horniest girls and do they like big sweaty maoris? (Tauki)

Horniest girls? Probably Japan. They just seemed up for it. And sweaty maoris would probably be fending off the hungry girls. Hi Junior.

I know your a lover of the internerd, but what are your thoughts of todays skateboarding youth? Do they actually skate, or just pretend to throw "hammers" on skateboarding forums????? (Fair dinkum)

Most forum dwellers need to schralp more, so they can actually have some grounding for their bitching.

I havent washed my elbow pad since you borrowed it. Do you mind if I sell it on ebay? (RootSystem)

Go for it. A good smellbow pad always drums up an ebay auction frenzy.

What do u think about the recent explosion in popularity of perth with international teams and skaters? Did u see it coming or was it a surprise to you? (Laurence)

Well after Mke Carroll told me that this was possibily the best place he'd ever been, I had a fair idea that it might start rousing some international interest. The Lakai guys loved it here. In the next two months there are four other teams coming. Habitat are here right now. The isolation probably has saved us from the influx in the past, but that time may now be over. I Like it when people click with perth it is really good for all the local kids to realize what a great place they all live in. What can i say, we have the best beaches, the spots rule, the weather is perfect, the girls are gorgeous. The Perthfection is just going to attract a Perthora of Perthverts.

DEAR MORGS are u still riding the same indys u always have ridden (Dix)

No, I get a new pair every 8 months or so. Right now i have hit axle again. Bummin. Anyone got any stage 8 136's they want to part with? I can't find any anywhere. Stage 9's suck and they don't turn for shit.

My ipod video deos not seem to be able to import liquid pixel. i keep getting an error message when i try to view it. any tips?

No, sorry. I'm not qualified to answer this.(Mutley)

I have heard that your girlfriend is in a band called "fuck-off machete" and that you did a music clip for them, how did that go and can we expect to see it in Oz?

F-O Machete are great to see live, they are coming this year actually. Their single "If Gold Was Silver and Silver Was Gold" is coming out this month trough Jam Recordings. It was fun editing the clip, I used alot of the atmos I had shot for LP world lap.

You are also involved in Monkey Say, how did that come about and what are the plans for the future?

Monkey Say is an animated fusion between print and digital. You can download a whole issue and then flick through the pages with the click of a mouse. I am really happy with it. I got asked to be the skate editor after the pagesonline interviewed me about music for a skate issue they did about a year back. My plans are to test the limits of the medium with extras such as embedded video and music on the pages.

You seem to spend most of your time OS where are you now and do you have any hot travel tips for the punters?

I am back in Perth right now. I have had 19 summers and one winter in the last ten years. It has been a pretty good run really. Travel trips? Hmmm. Leave now before you are old and complacent. Diversify. Travel light. Soak up the vibe. Watch and learn. I dont know.... just hit the road, and let the adventures begin.

You have been with Premium for a while now they must look after you?

Totally. Max is great, as are the head first mob. Been loving the wood. Cheers guys.

Favourite places to skate?

white banks - lyon, woolstores - freo, tokyo station, gary brown banks - glasgow, darling harbour banks - sydney, orcas island - washingtone state, the breast banks in barca, city beach bank to ledge - perth, the big-o - montreal, salt coats park - scotland, nedlands skatepark - perth, bejing's fish bowl, A to B in nyc.

Morgan, Is John Butler a smelly feral tree hugging hippy? and is that him that does the 360 flip in his filmclip? or are you his stunt double in that clip? (dubs)

John Butler was never smelly. He was the first person to do tre-flips in WA, and I assure you that it was him tre-ing in the clip.

What abec bearings do you ride? (geebz)

Titanium Modus: fanglicious.

Hi Morgan, your favourite Steve Buscemi movie? (Libertie)

Liquid Pixel World Lap. He is in the background of one shot.

In your travel have you meet anyone we should keep an eye out for?

Alex Campbell (perth), Div (carluke, scotland), Stu Graham (livi, scotland), Lee Johnson (perth), Snowy (Dublin), Snowy (London), Nugget (Vancouver), Horse (freo), Froddo (freo), · 1800 034 588·