Tim Williams Interview

By Moey

Age and where are you from?

24 and San Diego, California

What�s the go with your passport? How do you have dual citizenship?

My dad�s Australian and my mum�s American so I get both benefits from their citizenships.

How did they meet?

Traveling. Dad was traveling to the U.S. and met my mum and they kept in contact.

What stamps do you have in your passports?

None. I never get stamps

Haha where have you been?

Yeah only get stamps when I go to Mexico. Been to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan.

Is there much difference between skateboarding in Australia and in the States?

Yeah much more relaxed over here and way more serious in America.

How do you mean by serious?

People don�t have as much fun� Well, people do but take it more as like a business thing rather than fun. Seem to think of sponsorship as the priority goal in life and that�s all they think about. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

FS 5050 - Moey

What�s the security like over there? Been locked up?

Almost - Just a lot of tickets and boards taken and cameras confiscated. It�s around $200-$500USD a ticket. Depends if you�re at a Uni building or a government building. If you�re at a government building you go to jail. I�ve skated on government property and they�ve flipped.

Haha shit. So you prefer living in Australia then?

Yeah just for now. Just trying out something different. Permanent for now, until I find another destination to go. Germany maybe... Maybe try live over there for a few months, or a year or so. Just wanna get outside of the norm. I miss all my friends in the states but they�ll always be there so I just wanna do my own traveling and sight seeing and stuff.

Where are you working in Aus?

RACV City Club. It�s like a social club. Part of an insurance company � concierge. Check bookings and take people�s bags. Pretty relaxed, everyone�s mellow.

Any good benefits with that job?

Yeah I get free roadside assistance after a year and become a member for free after a year.

Any Aussie girls on the go? Potential girl friends?

Uhh I got a coupla dates here and there. No commitments at the moment. Haha not trying to settle down yet.

What happened to your knee?

I met a girl and on the second night I hung out with her I slept at her place and got woken up at 5 in the morning getting punched in the face and a dude stabbing me in the knee with his keys. He was going crazy yelling �what the fuck what the fuck!� and I was just like, �what are you doing?! I didn�t do anything!�. The girl pulled him away and they were arguing in the hallway and the dude left.

Gnarly! How deep were the wounds? How did you defend yourself?

About a half pinky. It got infected the next day and I got some antibiotics. Just blocked my face and kept my knees close to my face so he couldn�t get me. I didn�t know he had keys on him so first reaction was to get in the fetal position. Worst position and pretty much in the corner of the bed room. Can�t really defend yourself when you�re sleeping. I think about it a lot now and sometimes get a bit anxious with my surroundings. �I�m just like, fuck who�s on the tram�� I�ve been getting fucked with by a bunch of people in Melbourne� Homeless dudes.

Really? What have they been doing?

Yeah they�ve been picking on me. One crack head dude the other day spat on the ground in front of me and told me he was gonna punch me out because I didn�t tell him what street we were on. I was like, �I�m not from here, I don�t know the street names�. He was like, �ya fucken faggot!�

Does that give you any hatred towards Aussies?

No just towards junkies in general. I�ve always hated them.

BST - Moey

Haha! Me too.

I just can�t handle them. They�re so crazy. Everywhere they�re crazy.

What�s your favourite Aussie beer?

I dunno, Little Creatures is good.

What�s your favourite food over here?

Probably the meat pie� I�m really digging fish and chips over here. Love that chicken salt on my chips.

5 Ways to pick up girls?

Cherry bar
Getting maggot
Buy a lady a drink

5 things to do in Melbourne on a rainy day?

Go to the library
Woolies run
Food at Don Dons. Tastes good on a rainy day.
Skate videos at Cologne Mansion

Top 5 Aussies?

The Mapstones
Luke Pease
Dane Burman
Wade Burkitt

Boardy - Moey

How did you get the nick name Gucci Buck?

Umm Colin Evans just started singing this song and� I dunno and said Gucci Buck Tim. I like to get buck? I dunno, you�ll have to ask him�

Where do you see yourself in the next 6months?

I�ll be in the states in the next 2 months visiting my family and friends. Then back in Melbourne skating a bunch. Trying to save up for a motorcycle. Drive to Perth � that was my goal originally but I never saved up enough money.

That�s a long drive.

Yeah I was gonna go from Brisbane to Perth but I just didn�t have the money for it. I�ve done the States a couple of times so I just wanna do it over here as like a self accomplishment. So I can say �I�ve done Australia�.

What�s happening with your sponsors?

I dunno it�s a bit weird. Emerica is still hooking me up, Foundation is still hooking me up. I just gotta pay for shipping. Wire the money to my dad and he sends it over. I can get boards at Goliath (dist) through Tum Yeto. I dunno, my other ones have just kinda fallen through. They�re in the U.S. so I guess if you leave the country you�re kinda on your own.

Any last words?


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