drew 13:12 01/Aug/08

a rad photo gallery in there...

Marcskates 13:15 01/Aug/08

thats fucking shweet

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 13:42 01/Aug/08

ripping rento's will want one

imgne 14:46 01/Aug/08

not long ago i was talking to him about how one of if not his first cover was on a womens day magazine...

baulko 15:15 01/Aug/08

Yeah son, good work...

smith. 15:16 01/Aug/08

am i the only one that thinks this is really gay?

krim 15:19 01/Aug/08


imgne 15:21 01/Aug/08

you could think it, but you gotta understand that corbin works hard to do the shit he does..he's not all up in himself to the point he's wack, its just he has to be to do the shit he does with the whole TV and skate thing..

Jon 15:21 01/Aug/08


Dudley Booger Dawson 15:26 01/Aug/08

Maybe look at it this way smith, Corbin's self promotion train is going to get him the most prime selection of pussy. Now how is that gay?

Jon 15:27 01/Aug/08

sorry, hahaing was at krims post

baulko 16:58 01/Aug/08

Corbs is just Corbs... He's not like you or you or you or you or you or even you!

Newidude 17:22 01/Aug/08

I have had to do some stuff with Corbs on several occasions now and the dude is committed and proper. From shooting simple ollies on flat for coaching clinics to padless blunt to fakes on Monsters Vert ramp he takes it all serious and gets the job done.
I'm a fan.

And he's got a killer pivot to boot.

Slinkee 17:37 01/Aug/08

Im with you Smith.

singha_is 17:44 01/Aug/08

i think his fuckin rad.

he pops up in fashion mags youd never thing of.

+ awesome awesome skater.

good on him!!!!

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