CORE FINAL Comp at Kuraby Oct 2008

Mark Brimson 15:05 06/Oct/08

For those that are interested, just putting this up for the people who are running it (yes I am helping - MC and judging of the skate comp only):

Media Release

The Grand Final of the CORE Series 2008 is coming to Kuraby Skate Park on the 18th and 19th of October 2008. Come on down to witness some of the craziest tricks from the finest young Extreme Sports athletes in QLD!

After 2 rounds of competition, the scores have never been closer coming into the CORE Series Grand Final. With over 100 competitors expected to line up for a final shot at the prizes, Kuraby Skate Park is going to be the location for one of the largest Extreme Sports events ever seen in Brisbane. The CORE Series Grand Final will be spread over two action packed days. Beginner BMX, Expert BMX, Under 12s Skate and Under 16s Skate will have their qualifying rounds on Saturday the 18th. Judging by the skill seen in these classes at the Albany Creek and Deagon competitions, even qualifying will be an amazing show! Anyone is invited to compete and you can sign up on the day. For full entry details, check out the Myspace – Sunday the 19th will see the Beginners, Experts, Under 12s and Under 16s Finals through the morning, followed by the Pro BMX and Open Skate competitions. Pro BMX and Open Skate will feature the best BMXers and Skaters from around QLD competiting for once last shot at the huge stack of prizes on offer thanks for We The People Bikes and Simbyotik Skateboards.

This is also the last chance to secure points to be the CORE Series Champion and win the grand prize of $500.00 CASH.

Saturday 18th October
10:00am – Registrations Open
11:00am – Beginner BMX Qualifying
12:30pm – Expert BMX Qualifying
02:00pm – Under 12s Skate Qualifying
03:00pm – Under 16s Skate Qualifying

Sunday 19th October
09:00am – Registrations Open
10:30am – Beginner BMX Finals
11:00am – Under 12s Skate Finals
12:00pm – Expert BMX Finals
12:30pm – Under 16s Skate Finals
01:45pm – Pro BMX Competition
04:15pm – Open Skate Competition
05:15pm – Final Presentations

In addition to the Skate Park action, Sunday the 19th will also feature “Locale, Music for ya Park”. This will include rides, workshops, live music and plenty of extra entertainment. For more information about Locale, visit

comic book guy 13:30 08/Oct/08

whats happening with opens, will there be qualifying on the first day like everything else? i only ask cause i can see anything about open qualifying

Mark Brimson 02:07 09/Oct/08

From what I know, the full open comp will only be on the second day.

It is all the smaller kids getting going that will take the time so that is on the first day by itself, so they will have finals for kids and then the open comp on the second day.

If you had won or came a place at any of the other comps, then you are automatically through to the Sunday comp anyway. Only those who are younger and didn't make any of the other comps have to qualify in the Saturday comp.

That said, others can still come along and have a roll too.

Mark Brimson 09:33 13/Oct/08

CORE comp is on this weekend.

Just in case there was any confusion, this is a separate comp to the first two. Anyone can still enter, but the younger skaters need to go on Sat to go through qualifying from 2pm in the afternoon (bmx is in the morning), then they have their final on Sunday.

For the open comp, anyone can enter on Sunday for the initial comp, then they will go through to the final, which is right after, which also includes any place getters from the previous comps too.

Then the overall winner will get $500 cash thanks to Simbyotik, as well as a lot of other product for other comp places.

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