Rezza Opening Sesh

Insomniajosh 13:04 08/Apr/13

Hi All,

One of Melbourne's most loved haunts has been extended. The unique thing about the renovations is that most of the obstacles have been created from recycled materials.

Some progress shots over here:

Please hold off until the opening to ride the place. If it gets messed up there is no budget to fix it.

I'm not really involved in the opening, just being the messenger.

See you there!

Rezza Opening Sesh

drew 13:24 08/Apr/13

good shit josh

RE: Rezza Opening Sesh

grimwood 15:38 08/Apr/13

that's awesome, looks fun

Port 19:02 08/Apr/13

so sick, the best park in melbourne just got better

Tim B.
Tim B. 19:57 08/Apr/13

Fuck yeah looks so good, love that park

ChiefBEN 22:08 08/Apr/13

New Benny Bodnar thread and now this!

greeny from gisborne
greeny from gisborne 02:55 09/Apr/13

looks so rad! cant wait to skate it!

Insomniajosh 19:45 10/Apr/13

For fucks sake can people wait until it's ready before they skate it? It only a couple of days. The next few days are real crucial, the joins of the jerseys are weak without the final later and the final layer is real delicate until it dries.

Don't fuck it up for the rest of us because you are too stupid to wait a couple of days

sk8y180 10:24 11/Apr/13

I am pretty sure I saw a photo of someone skating the new stuff on instagram.

nahcunt 18:02 12/Apr/13

well we know which superstars to blame if it all fucks up Josh. Guess their video was more important

Jejenhausen 18:31 12/Apr/13

shoot the messenger

Jejenhausen 18:40 12/Apr/13

by which I mean, If manu was there he okay'd it for those guys.

Insomniajosh 19:52 12/Apr/13

Hey it's all good Manu ok'd there sesh and I'm sure he wouldn't have if it was going to be detrimental to the joint.

I get feisty at times.

Insomniajosh 19:52 12/Apr/13


-T.L.F- 19:55 12/Apr/13

maybe it is because you have insomnia Josh LOL

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