drew 11:32 07/Jun/13


recreate 14:55 08/Jun/13

Thats hwo we do it

endor 18:19 15/Jun/13

vans gsd? il b there. there square. and did anyone hear that kelly won in fiji. slater is world no 1 again. by the way a message for fanning and parko- there is no need for u to get involved with jedis issue with christian. there is no need for parko and fanning to b part of a war on hosoi. jedi will get hosoi by himself. theres no need for parko and fanning to b involved :)

recreate 10:38 16/Jun/13

Shut the fuck up jedi, nobody likes you

endor 14:29 16/Jun/13

recreate dont hate on vans gsd page. shame on u. shame on u

rickksc 14:38 16/Jun/13

Jedi, don't post on vans gsd page. Shame on u shame on u

endor 17:56 16/Jun/13

but im skating in vans gsd stupid. so y cant i make just one comment on the thread........y?

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 19:44 16/Jun/13

I'm going to bash anyone that's wearing a star wars outfit on go skate day. endor I'l be waiting for you..

endor 12:32 17/Jun/13

ease up parkxtroll, theres no need for threats and violence. u already hacked my profile - and now theres no need for fights. vans gsd is an entertainment/enjoiment day not a fist fights boxing ring

endor 17:21 17/Jun/13

jedi is still australias number one skateboard racer. for 4 mnths now. number one. and yes i will defend my title if necessary

recreate 19:18 17/Jun/13

I will vs you. Meet tomorrow at club x box hill. see u thier bby

endor 21:12 17/Jun/13

no racing until after vans gsd. but yeah ok il probably race u at ur hill recreate. i like racing crashes alot so yeah

recreate 16:59 18/Jun/13

endor baby I'm horny send me nudes buy

Jackie Chiles
Jackie Chiles 09:29 20/Jun/13

I touch wood and do a dance for the skate gods before I say this but it looks like it is not going to rain for once. Gods be good.

Cameron M
Cameron M 17:01 22/Jun/13

Well, the Sydney day rained out as I hope you all caught wind of before you were left hanging out at Waterloo like a complete sucka.

With what appeared to be a (weather wise) sketchy day filled with plenty of potential to get a skate in & hand out some cash Azar, the boys & I were already in the van driving en route when we found out the day had been called off by a very determined event coordinator.

So we did what we could with a van full eager skateboarders on a rainy day & headed into an empty carpark with some rails & barriers for a good little session.


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