ASL National Final

Christopher. 12:49 12/Feb/16

ASL National Final happening on March 12, 2016.

$8000 up for grabs in the invite by qualification run/jam section for the Opens
$2000 up for grabs in an open entry best trick comp
Stacks of prizes for all other divisions

Rego times brah:
12 & Unders + 16 & Unders: 1pm
Open Females and Males: 3pm
Best Trick: 5pm

Qualifiers for run/jam section:

Jesse Abrahams
Bradley Saunders
Joel Mirabito
Jacob De-Leo
Craig Mitchell
Simon Dunn
Sam Atkins
Mitch Robertom
Patrick Roberts
James Moore
Matty D'Ambrosio

16 & U
Jake McDonough
James Lang
Braydon Ponting
Jay Terrington
Leyton Bowen
Simon Dunn
Ollie Wood
Kalani Vozzo
Adam Knowles
Julian Mansfield

12 & U
Devante Fisher
Johnny Hill
Stanley Hill
Jake McDonough
Hayden Coswello
Kaeden Stevenson
Dali Shaw
Dean Farrow
Tom Hayward

Hayley Wilson
Teena Faktor
Jessica Chester
Charlotte Heath
Amelia Hitchcock
Tegan Ryan

Sam Fairweather
Jason Vandersmaght
Isaac Hobson
Dylan Simpson
Andrew Granger
Jay Gee
Brendan Hooghuis
Sam Saddleton
Jamie Goodwin
Grant Tait
Ryder Lawson
Chris Wakeling
Joey Cormack
Robert Pace

16 & U
Noah Moon
Riley Price
Liam McIntyre
Ben Saddleton
Sam Sutton
Rowan Davis
Rhys Andrews
Marley Rae

12 & U
Giles Hayward
Zane Santarossa
Duke Cooper
Kieran Woolley
Giles Hayward
Ben Field

Liv Lovelace

Ben Kelley
Adam Haydec
Seb Skilton
Angus Thomas
Leo Allen-Schuler
Hayden Williams
Daniel Cennerazzo
Colin Wright

16 & U
Addison Luke-Nockolds
Cam Thomas
Zach Georgiou
Lachlan Hubbard
Cam Thomas
Blake Flippance
Tyler Martin
Jared Payne

12 & U
Tom Richardson
Ali Soebardi
Ashley Pincott
Ethan Forster
Alex Smith
Bohdi Smith
Angus Taylor
Kale Taylor

Emilie Bitzer
Hayley Smith
Kirsty Smith
Nakiah Taylor

Laif Johannsesen
Christoph Speer
Brendon Hill
Fergus Doherty
George Simmonds
Nathan Mason
Christian Rieper
Levi Adams

16 & U
Beau Kelley
Daniel Manson
Jonah Albert
Ryaan Holloran
Padric Keady
Ollie Walker
Ned Shaw
Dylan Haberle

12 & U
Isaac Dean
Milo Langford
Dylan Haberle
Jake Teerman-Harrison
Jimi Colefax
Ned Shaw
Sam Tilley
Milo Langford

Chloe Andrew
Meesa Albert
Clare Wilkinson
Iris Rimmer
Willow Ingram
Grace Cochrane
Bridget Andrew
Meiren Swift

If you are on the list but haven't received an email hit them up at with your name for more details.

ASL National Final

funtimes 21:48 12/Feb/16

NSW didn't have a qualifier for the OPENS how did these people get picked? They told people not to sign up? This is bullshit!

funtimes 21:49 12/Feb/16

It got rained out.

Christopher. 10:12 15/Feb/16

Hey man, don't shoot the messenger but werd on the street is rego was open at 11am as advertised and it didn't rain till the end of the day.

The guys on the mic were telling people to sign up all day. Somehow all the other people managed to sign up so I'm not sure why your saying that you were told differently?

It's a free skate comp. Need to chill. Nobody is trying to rip anyone off. All the people who signed up on the day got invited. Seems like a fair thing to do. Maybe contact the skatepark homies on facebook in a rational manner.

neeburn 19:08 15/Feb/16

You should seriously think about getting involved in the series later this year or next year, to make it so much better, and get rid of all the bullshit that you reckon is there.

Contact the organisers and step up as an event volunteer or judge, so that you can make sure that this never happens ever again.

Events get rained out all the time, but in a series there are lots of opportunities for you to put in the hard yards and get results so that you are more likely to get qualified, even if the final is a mess.

Like Chris said. It is a free event, and it would be too easy for the people that volunteered, and had given up their weekends to run these events for you, to say it's just not worth the effort, because in reality, they do not owe you anything.

Like I said...there is next time, and YOU can make it great, by helping to run it.

neeburn 16:54 07/Mar/16

Just 5 more sleeps!

neeburn 07:15 13/Mar/16

Final results here:
Australian Skatepark League Final hosted by YMCA and Victorian Skateboard Association 12August 2016 - Melbourne

16 Under:
1 Johnno Halchenko (Vic)
2 Beau Kelley (Tas)
3 Sam Sutton (NSW)
4 Rhys Andrews (NSW)
5 Simon Dunn (Vic)
6 Noah Moon (NSW)
7 Leyton Bowen (Vic)
8 Addison Luke-Nockolds (SA)
9 Kalani Vozzo (Vic)
10 Adam Knowles (Vic)
11 Julian Mansfield (Vic)
12 Joel Witten (NSW
13 Ben Saddleton (NSW)
14 Ollie Wood (Vic)
15 Jay Terrington (Vic)
16 Liam McIntyre (NSW)
17 Marley Rae (NSW)
18 Padric Keady (Tas)
19 Ollie Walker (Tas)
Open Female:
1 Hayley Wilson (Vic)
2 Liv Lovelace (NSW)
3 Ava Godfrey (Vic)
4 Charlotte Heath (Vic)
5 Amelia Hitchcock (Vic)
6 Jenna Idon (Vic)
Open Male:
1 Robert Pace (NSW)
2 Ryder Lawson (NSW)
3 Sam Fairweather (NSW)
4 Joey Cormack (NSW)
6 Adam Haydec (SA)
7 Ben Kelley (SA)
8 Sam Atkins (Vic)
5 Mitch Robertom (Vic)
9 Levi Moore (NSW)
10 Mikey mendoza
11 Brendon Hill (TAS)
12 Justin Carriage (NSW)
13 Bradley Saunders (Vic)
14 Angus Thomas (SA)
15 Jesse Abrahams (Vic)
16 Jay Gee (NSW)
17 Jacob De-Leo (Vic)
18 Matty D'Ambrosio (Vic)
19 Colin Wright (SA)
20 Dave Tyson (NSW)
21 Billy Abrahams (Vic)
22 Fergus Doherty (TAS)
23 Joel Mirabito (Vic)
24 Sam saddleton (NSW)
25 Kieran Reilly (NSW)
26 Craig Mitchell (Vic)
27 Grant Tait (NSW)
28 Seb Skilton (SA)
29 Chris Craig (SA)
30 Brendan Hooghuis (NSW)
12 Under:
1 Kieran Woolley (NSW)
2 Jake McDonough (Vic)
3 Giles Hayward (NSW)
4 Kaeden Stevenson (Vic)
5 Ali Soebardi (SA)
6 Dean Farrow (Vic)
7 Dali Shaw (Vic)
8 Zane Santarossa (NSW)
9 Tom Hayward (Vic)
10 Kostya Vallance (Vic)
11 Dylan Haberle (Tas)
12 Milo Langford (Tas)
13 Devante Fisher (Vic)
14 Tom Richardson (SA)
15 Johnny Hill (Vic) VIC
16 Ethan Forster (SA)
17 Jimi Colefax (Tas)
18 Hayden Coswello (Vic)
18 Ben Field (NSW)
20 Koby Mitchell (Vic)
21 Duke Cooper (NSW)

neeburn 07:27 13/Mar/16

Great work by all competitors and their families that made the effort to get to the final and all of the series and qualifier events during the year.
Also big thanks to sponsors and councils for the facilities and funds.
And biggest thanks to the YMCA teams in each state for making this the biggest grass roots competition series.
Next year we need to have the rest of the country on board and we need skaters in every state to get organised and make it happen!

Potty2617 14:50 22/Mar/16

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