Lewis Marnell Forever

Potty2617 19:09 18/Jan/18

In January 2013, Lewis Marnell passed away from complications with diabetes. It's been five years since Lewis left us. Today, we remember, honor and celebrate the life of the Australian legend.

Lewis' commemorative SB Dunk Mid Pro, in a colorway he made his own, is now available in SNKRS and at select skate shops.

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Filmed by:

Leigh Bolton
Greg Stewart
Brett Chan
Jaime Fazackerley
Britten Andrews
Dan Wolfe
Geoff Campbell
Jason Hernandez
Chris Middlebrook

Edited by Chris Middlebrook

SONG : For Lewis
ARTIST : Lawrence Greenwood

Special thanks to all who helped or contributed to this video.

Potty2617 08:44 23/Jan/18

Lewis Marnell was much more than an amazing skateboarder. He was one of the nicest, most sincere people you could ever meet. In keeping his spirit alive, friends and family came together in OZ to share stories and shred in his honor.

Potty2617 23:38 12/Feb/18

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