Globe Snake Session

Potty2617 05:10 04/Feb/18

Full results below Facebook live of the finals at the link

We ran the Judging at the Globe Snake Session Last night. Congrats to Soggybones and RJ Barbaro for taking it out and thanks to @globe for putting on a mad mini ramp event with free beer, good times and food!

Globe Snake Session Results

Best Trick: Jimmy Moore. Drop in of doom off the extension.

1. R.J Barbaro. (Soggy Bones)

2. Jakob Robinson (Truckstop)

3. Jesse Noonan (Fast Times)

4. Jackson Pilz (Fast Times)

5. George Richards (Pops Good)

6. Blake Harris (Truck Stop)

7. Lakyn Heperi

7. Scott Standley (Truckstop)

7. Sam Owbridge (Fast Times)

10. James Hall (Fast Times)

10. Reece Warren (Geelong Skate)

10. Jimmy Moore (OCD)

13. Ryan Helm (STM)

13. Zepp Heyes (Soggy Bones)

13. Connor Haring (Beyond)

16. Matt McMenace (Pharside)

16. Russell Grundy (Pops Good)

16. Tommy Breaks (OCD)

19. Matt Cheney (Pops Good)

19. Mitch Robertom (Geelong Skate)

19. James Kennedy (Pharside)

19. Ben Conway (Skatebiz)

19. Laif Johansen (Jimmys)

19. Ti Coling (STM)

25. Sam Atkins (Geelong Skateshop)

25. Gabriel Summers (Fast Times)

25. Chris Walker (STM)

26. Shem Bragg (Truckstop)

26. Bevo (Pops Good)

28. Joe Fopiani (Blunt)

28. Dan Kaspar (CS Kyhber)

28. Ginger Tobler (STM)

31. Carlo Cassan (Jimmys)

31. Martin Starks (CS Khyber)

33. Ben Weir (Soggy Bones)

Globe Snake Session

Potty2617 07:57 08/Feb/18

Its impossible to match the energy and stoke levels of a mini-ramp jam with all the homies. This is what skateboarding is all about. Fire up the session!

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