Addict Skateboards Eagleby Comp

Potty2617 09:12 06/Jun/21

Filmed and edited by Kale Hennessy
Intro by Garry Giomarelli

This was the second comp held at Eagleby skate park by Addict Skateboards and it was incredible! We had to fight off the rain but we weren't going to let a little bit of water hold us back.

Everyone did a great job making it an amazing day, big shout out to Addict for hosting and making it happen, Seb cracking jokes as probably the funniest MC out, the skaters for putting it down, judges for making those tough calls and of coarse the crowd for bringing the hype also everyone else that helped and supported the day. See you all at the next one!

Watch the vid if you want to know who won haha.

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