Potty2617 00:22 18/Jun/21

Interocular is an immersive 3D skateboarding adventure. Using a 1950s 3D Kodak Stereo camera, photographer Dave Chami has captured the action and lifestyle of a group of friends exploring and shredding the outskirts of Sydney on their skateboards. Action sports have never been photographed and displayed using these cameras that are also the way true 3D photography was first presented to audiences. The only way to see these captivating images is through vintage 3D viewers at the exhibition. The exhibition includes a short film from the adventure created by skateboarding videographers John Green and Cameron Sparkes accompanied by sounds and projections onto replicas of skate obstacles.


In an era of two dimensional social media, this exhibition curated by Samantha and Dave Chami will have your senses surrounded, making you feel as if you were right there along for the ride.

Presented in collaboration with: Rewind Photo Lab, Kodak Alaris Australia, Aircastle Australia, John Green, Cameron Sparkes, Samanatha Chami, and David Chami


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