Barwon Heads Skatepark

Potty 23:11 22/Feb/07

Any news? will there be a bowl?

jimstar 11:20 24/Feb/07

Potty, Joel has submitted a bowl design and spoke with Convic.
We need to push the issue so the west coast gets some vertical terrain, not the small stuff built at Torquay and Lorne, which just dosent cut it.
I have mailed my concerns and would appreciate some more support from key figures to get behind us. The old Ringwood bowl was Joel's concept, please let them get the deep end at least 10ft in the finished product.
Its about time we get a park that is on par with whats happening in the rest of the country.
We have enough mini ramps down here to roll on!!!

jack crook
jack crook 13:29 28/Feb/07

Me and action have together finished the design.
Street course starts construction in mid april and the big ringwood bowl starts after that as soon as we get the money... (we are more than half way there though).

dean123 19:31 07/Mar/07

yo jack, do you have plans you could scan or something?

jack crook
jack crook 23:30 08/Mar/07

yeah i cant be bothered haha. show you at school some time

dean123 22:48 09/Mar/07

haha dam you, i dont go to oberon anymore.

jack crook
jack crook 23:36 18/Mar/07

RE: Barwon Heads Skatepark

jack crook
jack crook 23:37 18/Mar/07

3 foot bowl runs down a chute to 10 foot with vert and pool coping hopefully. street section is pretty straightforward.

Pete Oste
Pete Oste 23:39 18/Mar/07

It's the dog bone bowl... LOL

drew 09:37 19/Mar/07

thanks Jack

Black Flag 10:39 19/Mar/07

HaHaHa pete, thats sweet.
*books bus ticket*

Albert. 10:41 19/Mar/07

not sure whether to laugh or cry

jimstar 15:51 19/Mar/07

Those bowl dimensions are in revision due to the budget of stage 2.
Yes we have requested a vert bowl but its looking more like 9ft deep, 8ft tranny and 1 ft vert, the half pipe flat is being revised for the tapper its running from the shallow end of 3ft down to the 9ft opening, the hips have been requested to be tighter and the shallow end transistion to be tightened up to a 6ft tranny so it wont be tooo mellow to whip around. For the concrete coping, at the moment the budget is tight enough to achieve the amount of concrete Joel has drawn up, it will be steel coping, maintence free. It would be nice to have but in the real world the bmx's would just trash it. All should be good, just hope the council gives CONVIC the go ahead to finish the park in one hit, not 2 stages which is the situation currently.

drew 16:54 19/Mar/07

Maybe its just me, but that chute seems like a bit of a waste of space and money (which seems to be an issue).
Why not have your bigger bowl 10-11 (which you want) and lose the chute.

jack crook
jack crook 21:52 19/Mar/07

im not as passionate about bowl skating as some of you guys but i thought the chute idea was rad. itd be mad to fang down doing fs grinds and shit.

just my opinion.

i designed the street course though so the bowls not really up to me.

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