Nimbin Skatepark

Potty 19:52 22/Oct/07

Looks like Nimbin Skatepark might be rocking again soon.

KM2444 19:57 22/Oct/07

does that mean its open soon

imgne 15:31 24/Oct/07

does it come with free bud...or do you bring the bud for entry???

Justy 18:00 24/Oct/07

feel sorry for those guys, been such a hard road for them to get this thing up and going

KM2444 20:07 24/Oct/07

RE: Nimbin Skatepark

louie. 13:43 26/Oct/07

this looks like so much fun.

floggo 16:12 02/Nov/07

id give it a good nine funs out of ten...

The Other Leigh
The Other Leigh 18:26 02/Nov/07

Its a pity that a town that turns a blind eye to everything else can't get around this problem and let the ramp run free...
I'm a super keen supporter if letters need to be written then lets do it...

Jesse lah 21:43 06/Nov/07

Do you really get offered drugs on the street there?

Justy 22:47 06/Nov/07


DanDan! 23:34 06/Nov/07

fuck they look so fun
im keen

mike.drury 17:59 07/Nov/07

amazing town.

MAGIC JOHNSON 16:36 08/Nov/07

i went there a few years back and everyone is like dave dinkum. there were bootleg billabong jumpers called bringabong

Kasabian 16:41 08/Nov/07


KM2444 18:25 08/Nov/07

we should pick a date were skaters from everywhere go to nimbin and reopen that ramp it needs it

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