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drew 10:05 21/Jul/10

Hi all,

We need to email st kilda council to help push the skate park.

All you need to do is cut and paste the email below and add your name and number to the bottom of the email. It will only take a few minutes

Email it to

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Subject: Submission re Proposed Marina Reserve Skate Park

To: Port Phillip Councillors and Council Officers

Dear All,

Re: Proposed St Kilda Skate Park.

I support the skate park proposal in principle, but believe a dual depth bowl with a minimum depth of 2.2 metres should be included in the skateable infrastructure area.

Further to this, St Kilda could build a world class competition facility by increasing the depth of a section of the bowl to 3.3 metres. Such a facility would not only serve a wide range of local user groups with a great place to skate, but it would engender a sense of community pride in knowing that St Kilda its skate park (and skaters) are among the best in the world. A dual depth bowl like this can cater for skill levels from young beginners on scooters through to advanced skaters.

With regard to DSE's requirement that foreshore infrastructure fit with coastal activities I make the following points.

* Skateboarding has close synergies with other board riding activities that are coastal dependant or are part of the sporting culture of the St Kilda foreshore, including; windsurfing, kite surfing, wake boarding, land kite boarding, skim boarding and surfing. Skateboarding is a key part of Surfing Australia's High Performance Training Program.
* Riding a skateboard in a bowl is more akin to the above board riding activities that street skating.
* I only subscribe to one skateboard magazine; "Concrete Wave Magazine". This name is testament to the synergy skateboarding has with the water.
* Skate parks have been successful in providing good social and recreational outcomes in many coastal foreshore locations including; Geelong, Lorne, Maroubra, Bondi, Cairns and Venice Beach USA.

With regard to DSE's policy requiring infrastructure not to be for the exclusive use one particular group I make the following points.

* The "incidental skate space" (street terrain) can be multi use as non-skaters can use it as seats when skaters are not using it.
* A dual depth bowl would be more inclusive, as many user groups would be catered for as detailed in the table below.

Volume User Group Demographics observed at other skate parks


Street Terrain


kateboarders 12-16 years



Scooter riders 8-16 years


BMX riders 14-25 years


Mature age skateboarders

35-50 years


Unofficial supervision

Family groups of skaters / scooter riders (parents and young children participating together)


Unofficial supervision

Roller skaters & bladders


Other points for Council to consider in favour of including a bowl in the design.

* To maximize participation and longevity of the facility a dual depth bowl with a "waterfall" should be included in the "skateable infrastructure" area to complement the street terrain in the "incidental skate space" areas. Other skate bowls in Victoria are continuing to be well patronised many years after construction. These include Fitzroy (early 1990's), Frankston (2006), Newport (2006), etc.
* The deeper section of the dual depth bowl should be at least 2.2 metres deep and preferably 3.3 metres, to ensure as many user groups as possible are catered for.
* A dual depth "waterfall" bowl also caters for beginners.
* A bowl would give street skaters something to progress to.
* Council would not like to build a facility that skaters became bored with. This has been the case with some street style only skate parks in Melbourne in recent years.

Yours sincerely,

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Done. Where can we find the existing plans though? and what does P following each group actually mean?

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Bladders? Haha.

A Bondi style comp would be perfect in St Kilda.


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