Mona Vale proposition

Cameron M
Cameron M 09:17 24/Feb/13

So there was a plan proposed a number of years ago, that I assume is still scheduled to happen once the budget is raised for a new skatepark in Mona Vale, on the northern beaches of sydney. At the time it was planned to be one of the biggest/most expensive, but looking at the plans this isn't at all evident to me.

Other locals I've mentioned it to are too star struck by the idea of something shiny and new, to notice the design flaws (at least that's what I'd call them). Such as the street section only having about 4 or so single line runs with half of them overlapping the other calling for all sorts of annoying chaos.

I think if there's potential for soemthing better it should be pushed for, considering how infrequently sydney gets new quality parks, and it's just as bad for the council to waste their money like that when there's potential for something at woden/belco level.

-Thoughts on this design? Pros and Cons
-What could be done to improve it.
-How do I/we/anyone go about proposing this to the council

Mona Vale proposition

DeathMoth 22:40 24/Feb/13

street section probably needs better flow. lacks a fire pit for throwing scooter riders in.

Pass Port.
Pass Port. 22:55 24/Feb/13

Hey Cameron,

Swing us an email
Myself, plus sparks & a few other crew are talking to council etc about these sort of matters. we would be keen to discuss Mona Vale further with you.


sk8 it 09:24 25/Feb/13

Yeah, completely right about street area flow, why did they add those elements going straight across the main skate lines, Silly. Also bowl area has this awful banked rounded lip that just get in the way.
I thought Pittwater council had no money. Anyone know current story.

aaronmatheson 13:39 25/Feb/13

unless you're skating this by yourself, the flow is awful and you'd expect more collisions than bondi.

sk8it - very true about the roll-in hip in the bowl, it's really pointless and would definately get in the way.

Not sure if the perimeter seating is skateable, but there is a lot of it and it would be jacking up the overall costs (seriously, what's the point of terrace seating facing away from the park?)

there's no point having 2x of the exact same rail.

you don't need every possible skate element in the one park..
the overall plan has a lot of great ideas, but it's just not practical too have that much stuff crammed in to the one space with all of those intersecting lines.

it needs a serious redesign and some big decisions one what to take out.

- there's no mini. .
- 1x curved ledge would be nice.

the plan needs to be simplified to bare bones as if the budget was cut in half (which realistically should be expected)

Fibroman 18:06 28/Feb/13

Sydney fucken sucks. There is not enough skateparks period. Melbourne has a ratio of 10-1 which bites.

walker94 18:24 13/Mar/13

Damn I hadn't seen this yet. Street area is definitely running into itself but I also think the position of the cradle in the bowl is pretty awkward. I guess the roll-in is there for that? I agree with calls to sack the roll in.

I feel like they'd be better off just ditching that rail/ledge setup in the middle of the street area so you've got 2 runs parallel to each other and nothing in the middle. It's definitely a space issue...actually now that I look at it again, I think that whole stair/rail/ledge setup on the left side could get cut and they could put a little mini ledge/flatbar run in there instead, mostly because it's so similar to the other side. And they'd probably want a ledge/flatbar area anyway for sure, and that way they could get rid of the mini ledge/flatbar area in the middle of the bottom part.

I don't know, this is just crazy ramblings

walker94 18:27 13/Mar/13

Drew I don't know if you'll see this but have you ever thought about merging the skate and park thread sections together? I never lurk this one for whatever reason and I know most guys don't, and I feel like the lack of new posts happening lately would allow it not to get cluttered and probably create a bunch of new posts. Anyway would be good to hear what you think about it.

Cameron M
Cameron M 15:29 20/Mar/13

Not sure who's running this but if you have a spare minute a 'like' wouldn't go amiss, thanks in advance fellow skoochieboard enthusiasts

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