Seymour skate park

dingo 19:37 17/Apr/13

Seymour skate park

drew 19:47 17/Apr/13

That little bowl looks fun. The tf style in the middle of the street course is cool. Ditch the 2 quarters and replace with say jersey style and or bank to slappytime or manny pad and I recon your on a winner

_Laz_ 20:25 17/Apr/13

Looks like Northcote and heidelberg had a kid.

Cameron M
Cameron M 18:04 18/Apr/13

Needs a sharp corner hip added to one of the long face walls in the bowl for more lines

HAL 18:14 18/Apr/13

that bowl looks mad

rickksc 21:55 18/Apr/13

Sharp corner hip with a box on top!

imgne_ 09:22 19/Apr/13

As drew mentioned, get rid of the long quarter on the left side of that picture and replace it with something a little bit more interesting, the quarter on the right hand side of the street section I think, is there for the bikes?

shannonfe 11:15 23/May/13

the quarter on the left, make half of it a half pipe maybe and if there room a small table top in the middle section

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