Cherrybrooke Skatepark ugrade

packing&distribution 16:17 11/Jun/13

This thursday night there is a final consultation regarding the upgrade to Cherrybrooke skate park. There are a few design flaws that urgently need to be addressed as construction starts next month.
Come down to Cherrybooke skatepark 7pm this thursday and give your input as to how this design can be improved!!!

packing&distribution 14:09 12/Jun/13

Final consultation for the Cherrybrooke upgrade at the skatepark tomorrow 7pm!!!
There have been a number of issues identified with obstacle placement, similarities to existing Hornsby shire park's and things that just gotta be pulled out of the design.
If your coming take the time look at the plans and highlight what doesn't work and alternatives.

alisterio 01:01 13/Jun/13


changes look pretty sick IMO

but yeah, maybe that wacky box on the right could be a bit different?
but im actually really impressed with that

thanks for posting this up, hopefully they actually go through with it unlike the past few times

baulko 12:51 13/Jun/13

I think you have to consult Lachlan Pettit and Kerry Fisher before any plans go ahead... They ARE CherryBrook after all.

krang 13:04 13/Jun/13

would be cool if the bottom was like this.
endless high to low-low to high and figure 8 laps.

RE: Cherrybrooke Skatepark ugrade

drew 13:09 13/Jun/13

RE: Cherrybrooke Skatepark ugrade

red dawg
red dawg 13:45 13/Jun/13

Hey Baulko,
I have already spoken with Lachlan and got his feedback, but haven't spoken to Fisher. Should I call the Yellow Bird and ask for him there? haha

packing&distribution 13:54 13/Jun/13

This is what we are presenting tonight. I didnt draw this so no credit to me.
We are suggesting a few alternative bowl. Stuff like Broulee and the peanut bowl at nerang

RE: Cherrybrooke Skatepark ugrade

packing&distribution 14:00 13/Jun/13

Its 100% happening construction starts in july forecast to be complete september currently. Consultation started late last year but was poorly advertised by the council.

baulko 16:00 13/Jun/13

Yeah RedDawg, you'll find him at the end of the bar... As long as Lachie signs off on it I think it'll be good...

Davo 2153
Davo 2153 16:32 13/Jun/13

Who do we call about getting a Medico upgrade?

DocBomb 16:35 13/Jun/13

Baulko snake run upgrade in the worx?

packing&distribution 22:18 13/Jun/13

Baulko snake run is an entirely different council.
The design is now being finalised ready for construction in a month.
The pool is still as it stands.
The street section has been adjusted to the drawing above minus the stuff on the left hand side. Plus a 3ft tall 3ft radius quarter pipe in place on the old block.
Ill post the final plans as they go up!

packing&distribution 17:15 22/Aug/13

These are the final plans. The park got abit of a tweaking and some of the not so great obstacles have been removed.
The surrounding ground has been marked and is due to be complete before Xmas.

im not andrew
im not andrew 07:23 02/Sep/13

If i saw this thread 10 years ago it would blown my 15 year old mind but better late than never i guess. Pretty sad to see that block go as shit as it was to skate

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