Blank Promo

James... 22:35 24/Aug/05

fuck yeah thats killer.. crooks country road was soo knarly..
butter smooth nollie bs heel
i like it !!

Frank.C 22:39 24/Aug/05

That was awesome, one of the best promos i've seen in a while.

gay fag 22:45 24/Aug/05

fuck yes, looks so sick. good team to

ady 22:51 24/Aug/05

sw flip board koby murphie?

edy.fag 22:52 24/Aug/05

thats was sick!!!!

Pig. 22:52 24/Aug/05

Downloading now
middsy rocks!

drew 23:18 24/Aug/05


Pig. 23:32 24/Aug/05

shitloads of 8mm, he had his 8mm cam lurking so hard in the gong lol

Loved the promo
Top skating, top filming, top editing
Such a fan:)

jew dawg 08:02 25/Aug/05

that was so good

||BLANK|| 08:19 25/Aug/05

HELL YUH....kobys and jonos parts r going to be bullshit.cant wait for the premiere,sooooo amped.

chippy the muff 09:28 25/Aug/05

so keen to see another good aussie vid

||BLANK|| 09:32 25/Aug/05

dirtbags is sooo good i still love watching that vid, and vandals was definantly the blank video will have to be another 1 to the collection

crazy eyes 13:43 25/Aug/05

is this the same promo that was at the love is science fiction(johans vid) prem at revolver? that thing was off its tits

loon 13:47 25/Aug/05

better have a u/18 promo,
dales sw flip was sooo perfect looked natural

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