mitchypoo. 23:24 24/Aug/05

hooray for the new clips forum

gay fag 23:31 24/Aug/05

agreed, first prize.

Pig. 23:32 24/Aug/05

hooray for scum

mitchypoo. 23:33 24/Aug/05

was i the first person to comment in here?

Frank.C 23:33 24/Aug/05

I'm amazed out how many clips i've downloaded off here. Earliest one I have is from the 5th of august 2003. I have accumulated 505 clips, 3.56 GB worth. WOW

mitchypoo. 23:36 24/Aug/05

chois a werstmen

gay fag 23:37 24/Aug/05

i wish i had all my clips, my hard drive has crashed like 3 times because of to many clips from this site haha

Pig. 23:39 24/Aug/05

Im so tempted to get my ass into gear and finish capturing and edit this promo
but damn theres only so many times you can listen to hears johnny before you go insane!

FOG 23:57 24/Aug/05

YAYER............great work drew

vempyre 01:54 25/Aug/05

i l ike clips_

flycat 02:04 25/Aug/05

yeh i gotta shit load of clips...... every month or so I go through and weed out the shit and keep the good......

flycat 02:13 25/Aug/05

this is just a suggestion..... soon there are going to be about 50 threads called "clip" or "this is clip" maybe people can start chucking a date or description in, nuthin complicated just something along the lines of -
"clip10MB 25/08/05" or something.....

Ricta 06:37 25/Aug/05

yay fianlly a clips forum, i was gunna suggest this but anyway, YAY:D

halfcab333 02:01 26/Aug/05

good to see drew finally took me up on my suggestion, though its not what i asked for specifically, it even better!

DANGER MOUSE. 12:42 26/Aug/05

YOU FUKN LIAR i started drew off on this u fukn ltying slut..... ^^^^^^^^^ i cant beleive u tried 2 claim my work

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