TuN$tall 10:23 25/Aug/05

16.1 mb full of bails and they stole shorts idea with "carmina burna"

but theres some awesome tricks in there, pole jam to wallride and some good coping work.

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 10:26 25/Aug/05

Sick I have been waiting for the creature resurection. Hurry up Darren and get the boards on the shelf.

pro alert 10:51 25/Aug/05

fuck yes!

that was the gnarliest trailer

monkz 11:23 25/Aug/05

That was fucking sick!!

chippy the muff 11:35 25/Aug/05

all of that footage was gold...who was the rail chomper+?

gay fag 12:48 25/Aug/05

that will be fucking awesome.

mosu101 17:38 25/Aug/05


Frank.C 18:05 25/Aug/05

That was fucking great. I love watching guys shread bowls and they absolutely destroyed them.

Mr. Glasey 19:44 25/Aug/05

fucks that clips wierd and insane! rail hammers indeed!!

mike dd 19:08 28/Aug/05

rails were gnarly

civic*+pidgeon 11:54 29/Aug/05


Luke G
Luke G 18:38 29/Aug/05

fucken great promo!

james m 22:15 29/Aug/05

i liked it, coffin rides were rad.

mutley 19:15 30/Aug/05

that was sooooo cool!!

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