Cam Mullan and Ricky Sawyers

Pig. 01:48 26/Aug/05

First park is kiama
Second park is Shoalhaven

Comments are for winners


Pig. 01:59 26/Aug/05

Cam in the blue shirt and Metro sweater

Ricky in the red shirt and white pants

Dinosaur Detective 02:14 26/Aug/05


jew dawg 07:47 26/Aug/05

nice pig

FOG 08:41 26/Aug/05

That was cool Pig.......But 1 thing though, why is it usually park footage.....Not that I dont like, just wondering ?

Pig. 11:41 26/Aug/05

I dont post the good stuff;)

prima 11:46 26/Aug/05

All of your clips have been good that ive downloaded PIG

Pig. 12:01 26/Aug/05

cheers prima!

but the street stuff we film that I dont use will all be used for the video
the stockpiling of footage has begun:)

prima 12:29 26/Aug/05

My fav was at that tennic court
with getrad and dane skating into that bank
looked sick

TuN$tall 10:25 29/Aug/05

that was awesome, hey Pig. Is the good stuff you do keep better skating wise or filming wise or both?

that was some rad skating and i liked the filming styles used in the bowl thing. chasing him round and going past each other, much better than just standing on the coping.

Pig. 11:07 29/Aug/05

Little from column A little from column B

Mainly skating though

skram 11:11 29/Aug/05

yeah pig tat bowl filming was fucking fresh nig! lovin it bud

Pig. 16:19 29/Aug/05

Cheers al!

Fest 19:37 29/Aug/05

that vid what fun to watch

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