ben' 00:21 28/Aug/05

This is a clip i made of footy i got off my cam before firewire broke, im not sure of using this as my comp clip or just wait for better footage off my tape when firewire has been repaired.

halfcab333 03:41 28/Aug/05

u should wait and get more footage. that clip is way too short and u need to pull out all the stops in editing since hes judging it a lot on editing and level of skating

edy.fag 09:20 28/Aug/05

that was pretty cool

decrease the police 09:45 28/Aug/05

im with halfcab,more fopty is needed

ben' 09:45 28/Aug/05

thanks halfcab i might do that

ben' 09:46 28/Aug/05

i would have put more footy in but iv already used some in a clip that i posted a while back

halfcab333 09:47 28/Aug/05

posted in the comp? if not, who cares, use it. and im sure no one will even know the difference

Mr Ferguson - STREET 16:52 28/Aug/05

blunt flip out!!! im impressed

mike dd 17:29 28/Aug/05

hey ben'
reply to my email please

ben' 17:40 28/Aug/05

im uploading a new one now

mike dd 18:49 28/Aug/05

blunt flip out was crazy

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