Killself Extras Edit FIXED

halfcab333 06:58 29/Aug/05

ok so i made it bigger and thw watermark is gone, sorry that its on ernie dingo but i couldnt fit it onto snowpics, even though its not over 20 MB.

mosu101 10:03 29/Aug/05

its definitely more than 20 Megabytes!!! (but only just)

over it
over it 10:33 29/Aug/05


halfcab333 15:16 30/Aug/05

id ont feel enough people are watching what took me way too much effort to make :(

edy.fag 22:22 30/Aug/05

that was sick, the kicky nose manual by jai is soo stylish

flycat 00:51 01/Sep/05

yeh mine downloaded like 4.3 meg but it was all gold....
....... did you edit that halfcab333 or load it up ....... Im not in the know cos I havent seen the whole of killself yet.....

halfcab333 05:13 01/Sep/05

i edited it. i wouldnt go thru that much trouble just to post up a part of video

flycat 22:29 01/Sep/05

Im going to try download it again cos it seemed good but when I get my broadband speed back again.......

pro alert 11:18 02/Sep/05

ahh i couldnt watch the whole thing- Too much crackling!

i assume youre using USE AUDIO MIXER and get rid of that shit

flycat 01:05 03/Sep/05

pro alert - explain how........

hodge that 09:58 03/Sep/05

dammit i hate ernie dingo

halfcab333 11:46 03/Sep/05

only host site that took files over 20 MB. and actually no, i used movie maker. i DO have premier though

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