Showdown '05

||biRDMan|| 20:53 29/Aug/05

here some footy from show down it goes for bout 430 17.?? mg so ye

Bark Grind. 21:32 29/Aug/05

see shit course peice of shit what a load of shit its fucken shit shit shit shit shit shit shit even the black rapper was shit

mosu101 21:36 29/Aug/05

vert and rail what next. good stuff!

Frank.C 22:41 29/Aug/05

That course was fucking terrible. They should of just had it at waurn ponds.

Pig. 23:18 29/Aug/05

kieran was ripping

mounty_crew 16:45 30/Aug/05

oi birdman have ya got any more footage or photos from the showdown

||biRDMan|| 18:24 30/Aug/05

nahh sorry

sand 20:09 30/Aug/05

how big is it

sand 20:10 30/Aug/05

ohhh, i should really learn to read the whole thread first

jack crook
jack crook 21:37 30/Aug/05

hahahahahahahaha waurn ponds

ambie 10:31 01/Sep/05

?? waurn ponds

syd 12:48 01/Sep/05

Course and competition setup is disgusting

halfcab333 13:53 01/Sep/05

was this a big comp? or more a smaller local one?
that mc sucked so bad. he called so many wrong tricks. k back lip is not a backside nosegrind!

LiTtLe LiNdSeY 15:48 01/Sep/05

kieran ripped that course he is sick good on you jack!!

[pog] 17:32 01/Sep/05

oi birdman was won of them kids stevoo?

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