new p-rod trailor

decrease the police 20:13 02/Sep/05

i lost the first trailor, so i scanned the forum trying to find it. after watching it i found that the promo had been updated with some new footy. enjoy

decrease the police 20:21 02/Sep/05

ronson lambert is also having a section now

decrease the police 20:23 02/Sep/05

the quality of the clip has also improved

DANGER MOUSE. 21:02 02/Sep/05


ben' 21:36 02/Sep/05


The Moluck. 22:01 03/Sep/05

small bs tail.

p o c o 13:23 04/Sep/05

ABD im pretty sure.

p o c o 15:34 04/Sep/05

nah its new...its good.

p o c o 16:15 04/Sep/05

does anyone know what the song that's used in the FIRST trailer is called?

DANGER MOUSE. 16:49 04/Sep/05

not a fan at all, pretty fukn boring, im sure it will be a solid vid but yeah.....

ady 16:55 04/Sep/05

werd DM, yawn fest...

AKP 16:57 04/Sep/05

nothing paul rodriguez does now suprises me.

james m 17:07 04/Sep/05

danger mouse is right, there's some AMAZING skating in there, but the editing is just boring, lame promo, promos are meant to hype you up for the vid, and make you wanna see more, that just showed too much.

oopspoops 17:15 04/Sep/05

^actually it hypes me up just knowing p-rod is in it and notice (i think) not one regular trick from p-rod, the kid is both fucking stances

james m 17:19 04/Sep/05

that nollie nosegrind pop over is off the bone...
he does a regular bigspin boardslide down that rail...sorry to ruin your shit.

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