New Enjoi Promo?

MikeWale' 18:54 03/Sep/05

From the slap site... It's almost deadline time for enjoi's first video, tentatively scheduled to be released during the holidays. They sent over a little teaser commercial for you to check out.

OFF THE NOSE 20:54 03/Sep/05

thanks for the promo..............................................................gimp.

love from gay fag from the forums

J.A.K.E 21:06 03/Sep/05

that promo was dope cant wait for the vid

SAm HEARTS you 21:23 03/Sep/05

wasnt n e thing special? no skating in it

The Moluck. 21:32 03/Sep/05

even though it didnt haver much skating, it still makes you want to see the video.

p o c o 13:27 04/Sep/05

i guess it achieved it's goal then.

Macca. 14:10 04/Sep/05

video shall be so good jason adam jerry hsu ect and such a fun vibe

Nathan Field 18:17 04/Sep/05

well that promo was homo. im sure it has alot of hype about their first vid but i guess we will wait and see

TuN$tall 18:35 04/Sep/05

this is going to be so great to watch,

I dont even really care about shit like baker 3,
But this will be awesome, cant wait.

Pig. 19:15 04/Sep/05

I wasnt a fan of that promo
Not at all
The last o ne with the crazy euro dance music and quick cuts was tonnes better
Anyone got a link for that?

TuN$tall 10:03 05/Sep/05

its the green one, 2nd from the left.
I dont know how to save it though, wish I did.

shutdown 12:41 05/Sep/05

that promo chode dick.

DANGER MOUSE. 21:48 05/Sep/05

FUK MY POSTS KEEP GETTING DELETED..... that promo was a piece the ad for it looked so good, but iwas boring and nothing interesting really, im sure it will be a good solid viod but yeah.. (N)

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