Tassie Seconds Clip.

.Bombzigty 18:52 07/Sep/05

the footage from sundays skate at a construction site and mondays skate at pole jam..

[pog] 19:19 07/Sep/05

nice clip did that guy land that nollie bs heel properly

{KR3W} 19:39 07/Sep/05

nice.... good tricks... pretty good filming... yeah did that guy land that nollie bs heel??????

.Bombzigty 20:01 07/Sep/05

yeah he did.
sooooo much other shit went over that gap.
ie- fakie flip, nollie flip, double flip, fs flip, bs flip, switch flip, tre, switch tre etc. such a rad seshion.

this clip was just the shit im not using and filmed crappy.

i sk8 hardcore 20:11 07/Sep/05

hey can us end us some of the proper footage

i sk8 hardcore 20:12 07/Sep/05

i mean can u send us some of the proper footage thatw as good

i sk8 hardcore 20:13 07/Sep/05

arhhhhhhhhh i cant even type properly

.kghb,thiyjp 20:20 07/Sep/05

downloading 90% muahhhhahahaha

mike dd 09:10 08/Sep/05

that was pretty good

Mindblank 10:12 08/Sep/05

louis make a clip with proper footage

you weak peice!!!!!!!!!!

.Bombzigty 21:13 08/Sep/05

saving for my video.

Display name 13:31 09/Sep/05

nice lil clip louie. i liked it alot.

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