Ash Newton Clip

Ruben 18:51 12/Sep/05

Vid part of Ash from Ballarat.

Some new footage, some old, due to breaking his leg at Kingsway double set.

16 mb, 3:22 sec (right click, save target as)

laify 19:30 12/Sep/05

sick as

laify 19:30 12/Sep/05

how old is he?

Ruben 19:36 12/Sep/05

He was around 16 when most of that was filmed, but he doesn't really skate anymore.

Pig. 19:44 12/Sep/05

Dope dope dope

Mindblank 21:13 12/Sep/05

16 meg + dial up = i dont think so

-T.L.F- 23:20 12/Sep/05

poor dude he was streesen bout his leg, AS i would sumfin bout ya leg that freaks me out when they break... i can deal with ankles arms and skulls but if i broke my leg i would freak

mad clip man he skated well. y dont he skate much ne more cos of his leg or lost intrest

Ruben 00:40 13/Sep/05

About half of the footage in the clip is from after his leg break - when he started skating again, then he just lost interest pretty much.

chippy the muff 10:48 13/Sep/05

damn i hate seeing injuries

nice clip

p o c o 12:24 21/Sep/05

how bad is in the toy machine extras when austin stephens dislocates/breaks/shatters his ankle and he is like screaming in pain.

p o c o 12:36 21/Sep/05

most of that was quite delightful.

TuN$tall 12:56 21/Sep/05

great editing at the start, so well done, good clip

Tristan' 14:55 21/Sep/05

Yeah that clip was really well done, tell that kid to keep skating


Andrew.D 10:55 26/Sep/05

fuck i hate game room!!!!! it wont DL on either explorer or firefox. hate hate hate!!!! i wanna see it !!!

chippy the muff 11:38 26/Sep/05

It wasn't Austin it was one of his friends pocolington

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