Um Question

Coolereis 22:00 19/Sep/05

um question, i have a mac adn i have quicktime pro, i export vid as a quicktime movie (.mov) yet no one with out quicktime pro can see it , also there is no option to export as wmv and every thng else makes it huge. How do i make so every one can view it. help appreciated

BAYMI 23:22 19/Sep/05

i doubt you can export as wmv since that is a Microsoft program lol and you have mac.

Pig. 23:37 19/Sep/05

WMV makes the baby jesus cry
Do you want that on your conscience?
Do you?

sorenson squeeze

Coolereis 23:58 19/Sep/05

does it work for mac adn can i download it? (is that the shit that appears in the corner unless ou have resistered?)

Pig. 01:00 20/Sep/05

Yeh, works for mac, but its a quicktime program
Its what you want though trust me

get it off limewire

Coolereis 13:25 20/Sep/05

k thanks

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