a skate we had...

Display name 21:13 02/Oct/05

today it was at the park with a box we got.

skaters are aaron and brendon.

NsE InC 21:17 02/Oct/05

that was gnarly, you have to roll away though

pro alert 21:28 02/Oct/05

that was very good but that guy in white looks like a piece

ratboi 21:39 02/Oct/05

that was sick it looked like fun

Nate Dawg 15:57 03/Oct/05

see macky ? even pro alert thinks aarons a piece.....acting like that is why he gets bagged.

nice skating from brendo tho. Is that desk still there ? looks like fun...

Mindblank 17:47 03/Oct/05

yeah arron is a fag in that clip

michael123 18:28 03/Oct/05

hahaha i went to download it and it was a clip of someone playing halo2 the link is wrong

rob. 18:32 03/Oct/05

rob. 18:33 03/Oct/05


Display name 19:47 03/Oct/05

Ok dont bag Aaron before you dont get to know him. We were all acting like dickheads all day. You may not like him but have you ever met him before?

no the box isnt there Nate. brendon took it home for another day before it gets set on fire or something.

whats up Rob?

Nate Dawg 20:15 03/Oct/05

yeah but aaron acts like that with fair frequency, more than most anyways...
im not trying to hate on the kid, but he reminds me of a few people i used to be friends with but couldnt put up with anymore.

do you mean the bogans would set it on fire ?
did your rail get flogged?
michael, just copy and paste the whole link into your address bar, including the "-sk8" bit

Display name 21:33 03/Oct/05

Yeah Bogans even though they dont come down anymore more Na the council boys took my rail. Na hang around Aaron for a day like we all do and he is a real funny cool nice guy...that sound really but its true.

im gonna get this other one i made at school but put it in the bushes when no one is useing it.

heshteck 10:22 05/Oct/05


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